Hēmi Eatery Has Arrived To Help You Smash All Your Healthy Eating Goals

By Lauren Sanderson
4th Dec 2019

Healthy and nutritious food is hard to come by, especially when eating out. You want to know what ingredients are used, where they’re sourced from and the question on most people’s lips—is it gluten-free? Well, fear not as a superhero, super foody, super gluten-free eatery has just opened in Freeman’s Bay, where the words refined sugar don’t exist. 

Hēmi is the latest addition to the lineup of delicious family-run eateries owned by the Millers. Alongside Mint Kitchen Catering and Thinkfood, which challenges the way you think about nutrition by creating meal plans made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Hēmi is no different, in fact the new eatery's menu is designed with allergies and dietary requirements in mind—with capable head chef James Miller producing delicious creations in the kitchen. 

A healthy menu doesn’t mean it lacks flavour. Hell no, certainly not in this case. The menu is a foodies haven—filled with the weird and wonderful, it’s certainly an impressive lineup. 

For those who have a sweet tooth, dig into the Berry & Banana Waffle. The soft waffle is melt-in-your-mouth perfection, paired with the crunch from the pomegranate and the lashings of apple syrup and you’ve got yourself a breakfast of dreams. 

More of a savoury fan? Don’t worry, Hēmi has got you covered. The Smoked Kahawai Savory Waffle is a different kettle of fish (excuse the pun), the bundle of joy is made from a sourdough base, which adds a crunchier texture to your palate and is topped with creme fraiche and house pickles. Of course, no breakfast is complete without a runny poached egg. Yum! 

Can’t quite decide then why not treat yourself to a breakfast of champions and get both (we’re not judging.) Or opt for something completely different like the mince on toast with either tempeh or beef and a generous helping of pecorino cheese. 

An eatery of many talents—not only is it an epic brekkie spot, but the lunch options are top-notch. You can even build-your-own salad—choose from a variety of fresh salads, select a sauce and your protein of choice—et voila you have a healthy and hearty meal. Their locally sourced protein range is a mixture of both meat and veggie, with the grass-fed sirloin and halloumi being favourites. 

Now that the summer months are upon us, grab your lunch to go and bask in the sun in Victoria Park, which is practically next door. The BLAT—bacon, lettuce, avo, tomato and fried egg crammed into a sourdough sarnie is the perfect takeaway option or the Mezze salad paired with salmon is a light tasty bite that is sure to suffice. But, If you do want to dine in, then no problemo as the eatery seats over 40 people in their casual, bright, modern space. 

If this hasn’t got those tastebuds tingling then there will be plenty of cakes and slices for you to enjoy—and the best part is they’re all gluten-free. Winning. 

So, if you’re after your next health fix, then Hēmi is sure to be your new bezzie mate. It’s great knowing that what you’re putting into your body is packed full of nutrition yet doesn’t compromise on flavour or your health.

So, go check out Hēmi—your body will thank you later.

Image credit: Wono Kim, Armelle Frimpong

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