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Here’s How To Get Your Lunch Delivered In Auckland

By Olivia Atkinson
11th Feb 2016

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Life… it’s hectic. And eating well when life is hectic ain’t always easy. Actually, the thought of packing a healthy, nutrient-loaded lunch five days a week can often seem near dang impossible. 

Thankfully, there are a bunch of folk who have got your back. They’ve taken the hard work out of lunch prep and can even go the extra mile (literally) to deliver it right to your door/desk/salty art den. 

Say goodbye to pies from the dairy, because we’ve got the lowdown on how to get your lunch delivered in Auckland. Eat up! 

Eat My Lunch 

It’s an unfortunate truth that a one in four children in New Zealand go without lunch every day. Luckily, Eat My Lunch is doing something to combat that. Buy one delicious lunch (feat. four fresh items) and another will be delivered to a Kiwi kid who would otherwise go hungry. From tasty sammies and filled rolls to hearty salads and sweet slices, Eat My Lunch is the best way to get your lunchtime feed and do a bit of good! 

Bird On A Wire 

A week ago Bird On A Wire advertised for a ‘Lunch Runner’—an awesome individual who will deliver rotisserie chook delights to the hardworking people of Auckland. And we’re not gonna lie, this news got us pretty damn excited. In the meantime, Bird On A Wire delivers their bird via Urban Sherpa. Hot, fresh, and sitting on your desk within 45 mins. Yes please! 


What better way to power through the day than with a tasty toasted pita? Fatima’s in Ponsonby are known for their epic charwarmas and pitas, stuffed with all sorts of goodies. Our fave is the Harissa Chick, rolled up with spinach, lettuce, toasted almond and coconut, green slaw, hummus, garlic parsley yoghurt AND sweet chilli dressing. This, dear readers, is the kinda nosh your colleagues will definitely be jel of. Order yours here

Snack Pack 

If you literally cannot find time in your busy sched to sit down for lunch, do your bod favour and at least have a selection of snacks on standby. Snack Pack keeps things simple by delivering your own wee pack every Monday. It features a range of Amazeballs a.k.a raw bites of vegan goodness. They’re a great source of protein, contain plenty of antioxidants and contain zero traces of refined sugar. Go get ‘em, health nut.  

The Deli Llama

Salads and sammies always seem to taste better when they’re made by someone else. Delivery lunch service, The Deli Llama caters to those in need of a healthy midday feast. Get your mouth around The Southern Llama—a gluten-free breaded chicken breast, slaw, chipotle aioli and cheese on sourdough bread. Or if you’re after them gains, The Beefy Llama with sirloin, creamy balsamic chutney and cheese on German rye will do the trick. Place your order here

Little Bird Organics 

Keep things clean and get your hands on one of Little Bird’s raw meal plan packs. Available in one, three and five-day plans, you’ll be sussed with a healthy brekky, lunch, dinner, snacks AND a cold pressed juice. It’s designed to put your body into reboot mode and put any naughty lunch habits to rest (K-Fry, cough, cough). 

Boy & Bird 

And while you might do your best to eat well, sometimes fried chicken is in order. Boy & Bird is another chicken-centric store that has joined forces with Urban Sherpa, delivering chicken lickin’ meals right to your office. Check out their offerings here

Already sussed your lunch prep? Here are the Best Places To Eat Your Sammies In Auckland CBD.

Image credit: Bird On A Wire via Facebook

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