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Here’s Where To Travel Based On Your Star Sign

By Anna May
5th Jul 2017

Here's Where To Travel Based On Your Star Sign

We all know star signs are the basis of everything we are. Every single one of us is who we are as a result of where the sun was at the exact time we were born. It’s just a fact of life, kind of like Bigfoot, or the genuine people you meet on Tinder.

With that in mind, The Urban List brings you your definitive guide to where you should travel based on your star sign. Don’t even bother doing research—just grab your credit card and book the flights.


Where To Travel: Mount Kilimanjaro

Oh, Aries. You impulsive, determined son-or-daughter of a nutcracker. Sitting by a pool drinking Mai Tais next to 50-somethings on a divorce trip just isn’t going to do it for you. You need action, challenges, and a place to show off your skills. That place, friend, is none other than Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania—16,000 feet, or roughly seven days, and muscles that feel like rubber gloves that have been stretched by fat hands. Nailed it.


Where To Travel: The Maldives

Let’s not beat around the bush here, Taurean. And we mean that literally, because you wouldn’t be caught dead digging a hole to poo in. You’re all about the luxe life—massages, breakfast in bed, and all that jazz. The Maldives is the perfect place for you to live like Kim Kardashian (minus the whole diamond earring fiasco).


Where To Travel: Trinidad And Tobago

Sort your shit out, Gemini. One day you want heat, the next you want cold. One day you want a hike, the next you want a nightclub. Honestly. Just get yourself to Trinidad And Tobago, so you can change your mind every other second. You (or your travelling companion) will thank me after.


Where To Travel: Galapagos Islands

Now, don’t get crabby, Cancer, but we both know you can be a liiittle bit of a loner. But hey, that’s not a bad thing! It just means you can appreciate your own company better than others. The Galapagos Islands is the ideal place to take in the world on your own. And by on your own I mean surrounded by a wealth of majestic marine life. Bliss.


Where To Travel: Ibiza

Let’s not beat around the bush here, my dear Leo. You want action. Don’t pretend to consider a yoga retreat in Ubud, because you’d probably get kicked out after failing at a pose and yelling “f*ck it, where’s the bar?”. Ibiza is the place for you; music, sunsets, indulgence, and endless podiums for you to get drunk and twerk on. Be the change you want to see in the world.


Where To Travel: Italy

Before you get all Virgo on me and be like “but wheerrree?!” know that there is no wrong place in Italy to explore. You Virgos like to have every. damn. minute. planned, and what better place to build a solid itinerary of cooking classes, bike rides, wine tours, and historical sites than Italy? Hell, you might even laminate that bad boy. Just don’t forget those extra pairs of ironed underpants, mmkay?


Where To Travel: Cambodia

We both know there’s a joke about sending you to [the former] Transylvania here, but we won’t stoop to that level. Instead, it’s all about tranquility, exploration, and self-reflection for you. Yup, you’re going to Cambodia. Get lost in the bustle of the cities, eat some not-sure-this-is-a-thing street food from a stick, and make friends with people from all around the world.


Where To Travel: South Africa

You’re a feisty one, oh Scorpio. But you’re misunderstood, right? Your generally calm nature and strong ambition can be misconstrued as a sting. But don’t worry; a glamping safari in South Africa is the perfect blend of relaxation and adventure. But a proper one, yeah? Do your research.


Where To Travel: Whistler

Gosh darnit, Sagittarius, will normal life EVER be enough for you? Doubtful, but that’s what makes you so wonderful. You’re desperate for adrenaline, craving action, and the adventure of Heliskiing in Whistler is just too much for you to resist. Can you feel the blood pumping through your veins already? Of course you can. Do it.


Where To Travel: Malta

You need to chill out, you lovely little Capricorn. The rush of life and enjoyment of the unknown is what gets you out of bed in the morning, but right now… You need to recharge. Get your behind to the crystal clear waters of Malta ASAP, charter a boat, and let your stresses float away (pun intended). Once you’ve recharged, go find a nice, big, safe rock, and dive head first into the ocean. See? Told you. Alive!


Where To Travel: Brazil

You crave independence, or you’ve got the whole solo traveller thing down to a fine science. That, and your need for adventure and exploration mean you’re destined to explore the Amazon in all of its glory. See some incredible creatures, make your way to Iguacu Falls, and meet all kinds of people in backpacker hostels. It’s what you do best.


Where To Travel: Maui        

Okay, I know, I know, Pisces. You’re a fish. And it’s crazy obvious for me to suggest you go somewhere that we all associate with water and fish and such things. But really, your sensitive, escapist nature makes you fantasise about solo stand-up paddling through tranquil blue waters while the sun shines and a sea turtle swims happily next to you. See? I’m right.

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