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Herschel’s New Suitcases Actually Charge Your Phone On The Go

By Sophie Hodges
8th Oct 2018

How are we only just finding out about these things? Seriously. Luggage that charges your phone. What a brilliant idea. 

Herschel Supply Co. has been a player in the travel game for a while, providing us with affordable luggage pieces and backpacks that don’t make me look a 12-year-old. But about a month and a half ago they took it to the next level, giving us something I don’t even think we knew we needed.

Yep, Herschel has released an entire travel line. We’ll get to the specifics later, but we need to discuss the star of the release first: two new hard shell suitcases, the Trade Power line.

Available in carry-on size and small sizes (slightly bigger than carry-on) these bad boys have an internal battery and an external port, allowing you to keep your mobile devices charged while you’re on the go. 

I’ll let that sink in.

There is a lot you look for when buying a suitcase, but these things tick a lot of boxes. 

Moulded polycarbonate hard shell exterior—nice. Four multi-directional wheels—very practical. Adjustable luggage straps and a retractable telescopic handle—convenient. A TSA-approved combination zipper lock—thoughtful. And a damn USB charging point—the holy grail of luggage features. 

It's worth checking out the extended new range as well. There's 24 products that have pretty much all your needs covered. We’re talking cashmere eye masks and slippers, ear plugs, and neck pillows with a cooling gel surface and memory foam. As well as on-the-go amenities like universal travel adaptors and laundry bags

If packing isn’t a strength of yours that’s cool, they guys have space-saving packing cubes, silicone toiletry bottles and if you’re a legit traveller, a portable and compact luggage scale.

$449.95 is what you’ll have to pay to cop one of the Trade Power suitcases, available in all black or white and vermillion orange (fancy), and we reckon it’s a pretty good investment. 

Image credit: Herschel

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