Scope Out Your December Horoscope

By Emma Vidgen
1st Dec 2020

This month we’re getting a major upgrade, with two planets (Saturn and Jupiter) changing signs. Expect a major vibe change—a little less heavy, and a little more heady; less “hard no” and more “how do we fix this?”. On the 22nd a major cosmic reset begins a new 200-year cycle that’s more focused on information, communication, ideas and data.
We’re also in the midst of eclipse season which signals big shifts and sudden changes. Add to the mix three planets moving through Sagittarius, squaring Neptune, it’s total ‘go big or go home’ energy… maybe even a little too much party. Stay supple. Stay flexible and be confident that the times are a-changin’.

Aries And Aries Rising


The change of pace you’ve been craving FINALLY arrives—TF! You’ll be ready to get amongst it this month; get away for a few days to a place that soothes the soul. Creative inspiration is ripe for the taking—especially around 10 to 15 December—and could set the wheels in motion for a new project that becomes a focus over the next six months. If work has felt like a major punish (possibly even, for the past few years) the tides will turn around 17 December, when a new, less arduous chapter begins. The full moon on 30th is ideal to take a minute and reflect on how far you’ve come—with your home and family, and at work—and let all the pent-up frustration go before the new year.

Taurus And Taurus Rising


The heaviness of 2020 starts to lift this month, with motivation and creativity flowing. Get together with friends and brainstorm side-hustle ideas; the stars are perfect for coming up with something out of this world. The seed of an idea could take hold and trigger a change in your financial position over the coming six months—especially a joint venture or investment. If the last few years have drained your stores of optimism, a major energetic shift around 17 December should mark a brighter mood and a lighter perspective on life. Use the full moon on the 30th to reflect on what this year has taught you speaking up, and what you’re ready to leave behind in 2020.

Gemini And Gemini Rising

21 MAY—20 JUNE

There’s energy and inspiration, especially the first half of the month with creative ideas coming in hot. Even better, you’ll have the drive to do something with them, especially between 10 and 15 December. Get away for a couple of days with your favourite human; a break is just what you need to get inspired. Big ideas could be a little light on detail, so make sure you’re really clear on the practicalities before you start making big decisions. The eclipse on the 15 December could mark big shifts in your love life which will unfold over the next six months—it could be a new love interest, a more serious commitment or a new phase in your relationship. On the 17th, any heaviness around shared finances (that may have lurked over the past three years) should begin to ease. The full moon on the 30th is ideal for reflecting on money hang-ups you’re ready to let go and leave behind in 2020.

Cancer And Cancer Rising


If you’ve been suffering from creative blocks, a surge in energy between 10 to 15 December should help you get unstuck. Prep for the wave of inspiration by prioritising creativity every day. Starting a daily journaling practice or pick up that instrument you’ve been neglecting. The 17th marks the end of a three-year cycle that’s coincided with big growing pains in your closest relationships. Rest assured the pressure should ease as the focus shifts from trying to establish solid foundations with your partner, to focus on building some financial stability. The full moon on the 30th is ideal for letting go of all the intensity of the year. Take a break, you’ve earned it.

Leo And Leo Rising


The vibe is fun and fiery this December, SUCH a welcome shift for your sunny self. Take the lead (you know you want to) and organise a long-overdue catch-up with a big group. The stars are primed for fun and play but be warned things could get a little messy. It’s also a time of major creative inspiration. The ideas will be coming thick and fast between 10 to 15 December, although nutting out the finer details may be tricky. Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification if you need it. The eclipse on the 15th could mark the start of an epic new creative project or addition to the family. Use the full moon on the 30th as a time to reflect what emotional baggage you’d rather leave behind in 2020.

Virgo And Virgo Rising


There’s a buzz to December that could feel energizing, if not a little unstable after the glacial pace of the past couple of months. Creative types will be in the flow, feeling pumped to paint a room or reimagine your balcony, but precision and clarity will be hard to come by, especially between 10 to 15 December. Try to remain patient and double-check you’re on the same page with your partner before charging ahead to get things finished before Christmas—the energy isn’t the best for refining the finer details. An unexpected move could be on the cards when an eclipse on the 15th kicks off major changes on the home front set to unfold over the next six months. Stay open to possibilities, 2021 is nothing if not surprising.

Libra And Libra Rising


If you’ve been feeling under pressure rest assured things should feel quite different come December. Creativity and fun come to the fore, especially within the realm of self-expression, with the eclipse on the 15th signifying the start of something new around communications and learning. You may want to let your hair down to celebrate but be mindful getting carried away will be easier than usual. In fact, boundaries—or more specifically, lack of boundaries—could be an issue so try not to bite off more than you can chew, both on and off the clock. The heaviness that may have been putting a dampener on things at home and in your relationship—should start to ease, particularly after the 17th. Take time on the 30th for reflection to help you start 2021 with a clear head (and heart).

Scorpio And Scorpio Rising


The mood is lit, everyone is ready to tie one on, but cash could feel like it’s slipping through your fingers this month. Keep an eye on your bank statement and set clear boundaries around what you’re comfortable spending to prevent a major blow-out. The eclipse on the 15th could spark the beginning of big financial changes coming for the next six months, so take time to get clear on where you want to be cash-wise mid-next year. Things may feel a little more serious at home after the 17th, when a new three-year cycle focused on growing up and getting serious at home begins. If your relationship with siblings has been strained the past few years, expect the vibe to shift from the 17th, with the full moon on the 30th offering an opportunity to clear and release old family baggage to start ’21 fresh.

Sagittarius And Sagittarius Rising


The overall vibe is lighter, sparkier and more fun in December, and after the year we’ve had, you’ll want to let your hair down. It’s a good time, but the stars are aligned for limits to be pushed and the temptation to overdo it will be huge. If you want to avoid foot-in-mouth, take it easy at family dos, especially between 10 and 15 December. An eclipse on the 15th kicks off a period of major personal transformation which will unfold over the next six months, changing the way you present yourself to the world. It could be a new look, a new job title, or a completely new outlook. If money issues have been a major drag the past few years, that whole aspect of life should start to feel a bit less intense this month, especially after the 17th. Clear the decks of any financial skeletons around the 30th so you can start the new year on the right foot.

Capricorn And Capricorn Rising


This year has not been an easy ride especially for you; in fact, the past three have probably been pretty intense (thank Saturn in Capricorn for that). Take a moment to reflect on how much has changed on a personal level, since December 2017. There’s been major up–levelling, and your long-term goals may have completely evolved. This month you’ll feel the mood lighten as the focus shifts away from redefining your identity (or the mild existential panic you may have been working through). It feels like a huge relief, and the full moon on 30th is the perfect time to let go of old hurts and hang-ups that may have impacted on your relationship so you can start 2021 feeling solid.

Aquarius And Aquarius Rising


This month we’re crossing a bridge into a brave new world, and if there’s any sign that’s not afraid of the unknown, it’s you! Before the really major shifts unfold (17th and 22nd) Sagittarius season brings the noise. The sun is bringing all the sparkle to your social life and creativity and you’ll be feeling extra social. It’s fun, inspiring energy but it also has the potential to be a little hazy on details so before you go full steam ahead with a brilliant idea, make sure you have all the facts first. Draw up contracts, get things in writing and define boundaries. The full moon on the 30th is the perfect opp to get clear on any health and wellness roadblocks you want to ditch in 2021.

Pisces And Pisces Rising


December is like a whole new world after the drudgery of the past few months and the buzz will bring a much-needed sense of optimism to your vibe. With a spring in your step and creative ideas coming to you at all hours—especially at work—you’ll feel lighter and brighter than you have all year. It’s a relief TBH, and you may feel pumped to go hell-for-leather at something new—especially between 10 to 15 December but the overall vibe isn’t great for being super practical, so be careful not to take on too much. The eclipse on the 15th marks the beginning of a new phase for your professional life that will see major changes coming over the next six months. On the 30th, the full moon is the perfect reset to clear the decks for a fresh start come 2021.

Emma Vidgen is a writer, astrologer and meditation teacher. She is also the co-founder of The Wayward, a site dedicated to demystifying the mystical and doing life differently. Follow her on Instagram at @emma_vee and @thewayward.co or book a reading.

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