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By Emma Vidgen
24th Dec 2020

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You want to do things differently this year? You will! Change is the ONLY certainty in 2021, but this month, staying realistic about how fast it can all happen is essential. Shaking up everything at once just isn’t practical, so start small and break up your game plan into bite-sized pieces. Keep your feet planted firmly on the ground by being pragmatic and scheduling activities to help you ground and centre. Keep your eyes peeled for unexpected disruptions on 21 January when a blow-up could disrupt the status quo. From 15 January you’ll get a sneak peek of what’s in store for Mercury retrograde (which kicks off 31st). Whatever’s on your mind between 15 to 31 January will be front and centre in February so pay attention to see what’s on the horizon.

Aries And Aries Rising


2020 really made you realise the importance of friends, and this year your social life is set for a shakeup. The company you keep will be a major theme for you in 2021, as new connections (and possibly long-lost mates) keep your social life very interesting. While the first few weeks of January have you focused on your career, working with people you *actually* like will be a major goal in the year ahead. The new moon on 13th is extra potent for setting intentions around your ideal work situation. Make time to flesh out what your dream job/role/day looks like. Keep an eye out for unexpected expenses around 21 January and brace yourself for a whole lot of drama around the 29th for the full moon in Leo.

Taurus And Taurus Rising


If getting fit was on your 2021 agenda, stand by for major fitspo from 6 January when Mars moves into Taurus. Resist the urge to go too hard, too soon; slow and steady is key to avoiding a silly injury, especially around the 21st. Work goals will be on your radar too, especially after 8 January, when you’ll be having ALL the ideas about what to do differently this year. Stay grounded amid the mental chatter by scheduling time for self-care. Take a break to spend time in nature, walk on the beach, meditate—whatever you need to refill your cup. At the end of the month a full moon (29th) has all the makings of an epic party—possibly at your place. It’s fun but also a little unpredictable so put your breakables somewhere safe before you invite your mates around.

Gemini And Gemini Rising

21 MAY—20 JUNE

Learning, spirituality and travel are major themes for you this year and you’re off to the races from the 8th dreaming up how you’ll live differently in 2021. Socially you may be feeling low-key—maybe even a little ugh. Try to honour the urge to chill when it arises, even Geminis need a little R&R. Helping someone with something practical could be a welcome distraction—whether it’s rejigging your partner’s CV or tackling your best mate’s wardrobe. Roll up your sleeves and get stuck in to a shared project after the 9th, you’ll be glad you did. The full moon (29th) around the end of the month is a major mood. The stars are set to “blow out” mode, so watch yourself if you’re not keen to have a big one.

Cancer And Cancer Rising


Got ants in your pants? You’re not alone! Change is the word of the year, and in January you’ll get a sneak preview of what’s set to be shaken up. Money will be a big theme this month, and if you’re in a relationship, your partner’s cash situation will be primed for a do-over, too. From the 8th onwards, grand plans to invest and expand—be it a business or a property—might have you up all night. Stay grounded by scheduling quality time with your partner or best mate. Making time to do stuff together will be the perfect antidote to all the white noise and uncertainty pinging around. Stay curious around the full moon on the 29th which could offer some unexpected insights—maybe even a windfall—in the cash department.

Leo And Leo Rising


For you, 2021 is all about figuring out what matters most in relationships. What you want from a ride or die might evolve into something completely different to what you’ve looked for in the past. This month feels especially heady, with a few surprises on the work front keeping you guessing. Take it easy around the 21st when tempers could flare (your own included) without warning. Keep grounded amid all uncertainty by being more disciplined with your daily routine. Whether it’s setting your alarm early to do some YouTube yoga or scheduling a daily walk, moving your body every day—no excuses—will keep you calmer. The full moon on 29th looks especially epic and could cue some major plot twists too. Hold on tight, it’s going to be a wild ride!

Virgo And Virgo Rising


This year is your time to do health differently. Maybe you’ll go vegan, or join F45, or maybe you’ll lighten up. Whatever it is, it’s different. From the 8th onwards, you may be preoccupied with how to revamp your daily rituals, or researching a new gym. The new moon on the 13th is a cracker for getting serious about creativity. If you’ve been considering setting goals around anything artistic (or starting a family), this is the time to firm up your plans. Stay grounded by making time to do something fun every day; schedule it into your calendar if you need to, whatever it takes to prioritise play. On the 29th a full moon has all the trappings for unexpected insights—stay open to what comes up, you could be surprised.

Libra And Libra Rising


Things should feel a little less fractious for you this year with the pressure easing on your chart (TF!). Paving a new path fueled by creativity will be key in 2021, but first you need to do January. With the sun in conscientious Capricorn you’ll be all systems go and ready to tackle things that felt too overwhelming last year. Smashing out a tricky job at home is a good way to make the most of the energy, especially around the new moon on the 13th. If you’re in a relationship, tension over money could boil over around the 21st so tread gently. The full moon on the 29th is supercharged for letting your hair down, so if you’re not up for a big one, maybe have a night in.

Scorpio And Scorpio Rising


What does home mean to you? Where is home? So many questions… and they’re all ripe for reflection this year. You’ll be full of ideas about doing things differently at home or with your fam especially from the 8th onwards when Mercury moves into Aquarius. The new moon on the 13th is a major mood for setting new year’s resolutions you’ll actually stick to. Writing that book, starting that Insta account or launching a side-hustle—this is the time to work out what you want to tackle next. All the possible paths that have been percolating will bubble up around the 29th, with the full moon offering a fresh take.

Sagittarius And Sagittarius Rising


The stars are aligned to knuckle down and get serious about your financial situation this month. After the OTT spending of December, January is a little less extravagant. It’s all very adult, and you may get a little caught in your own head, especially from the 8th onwards when Mercury moves into Aquarius. If all that admin turns up any red flags, the 13th is a great time to set resolutions that stick. New budgets, consolidating debt, whatever it is your wallet needs, the 13th is the day to lock it down. The final week looks a little headier and you’ll want to let off steam around the 29th but be warned one drink could turn into one thousand very easily.

Capricorn And Capricorn Rising


You should feel significantly less tapped out now Saturn has left your home sign, brightening your overall outlook in 2021. Establishing healthier habits around cash is key this year, but before you get stuck into Excel on a new budget, take a minute to catch your breath; last year was especially tough on you! Use the new moon (13 January) to set resolutions that last beyond February around your health and wellbeing, then stay grounded by prioritising activities that help you get out of your head and back into your body. Look out for a (potentially annoying) change of plans around 21st that could impact your approach to cash this year.

Aquarius And Aquarius Rising


This year is going to be huge for you with lots of potential for major progress and serious change. Your sense of self as well as your physical and emotional wellbeing will all be primed for a little zhush up in ’21, but before it all kicks off take a minute. This month is your chance to rest before the real action starts in February. Carving out time for quiet—meditation, journaling, hiking, whatever helps you ground and center—should be your number one priority this month. The full moon on 29th looks like it could be particularly epic so take it easy if you’re not in the mood for high drama—especially with your significant other.

Pisces And Pisces Rising


If you’ve been dreaming of doing something to satisfy you on a soul level, 2021 might just be the year you get your wish. But before you put a down payment on that yoga teacher training, taking a moment to ground yourself after the madness of last year is an excellent idea. The heavens are writing you a hall pass to slow down in January. Ground yourself by connecting with your favourite people and making time for catch-ups. The new moon on the 13th is perfect for committing to start that project or join that Pilates studio with your mate. Stay flexible around the 21st when an unexpected interruption could derail your best laid plans. Then brace yourself for a wild full moon on 29 January before Mercury goes retrograde on the last day of the month.

Emma Vidgen is a writer, astrologer and meditation teacher. She is also the co-founder of The Wayward, a site dedicated to demystifying the mystical and doing life differently. Follow her on Instagram at @emma_vee and @thewayward.co or book a reading.

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