Scope Out Your November Horoscope

By Emma Vidgen
1st Nov 2020

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Progress, energy, resolve, it’s all coming in hot this month, but not in the way you expect. Left-of-centre ideas, chance meetings, unexpected news—it’s anything-could-happen (with the occasional WTF) territory, especially mid-month. Stay open, stay curious and ask yourself, “Why shouldn’t I try this new thing?” Energy levels and mental clarity should get a serious boost too, with retrograde season coming to an end (Mercury 4 November and Mars 14 November)—thank F! A word of warning: the astro weather looks especially dramatic between 13 and 19 November, so take extra care with yourself and others.

Aries And Aries Rising


Is there a rock in your shoe, or is your partner/best mate/business partner just really freaking annoying right now? That feeling of irritation is palpable early on in November, but don’t let it slide. Have the tough conversation. Deal with the awks, then move on. You’ll be glad you did. If you’ve been feeling like a shell of your former self the past couple of months (you can blame Mars retrograde), rest assured your energy levels will return to usual programming around 14 November. Moments of clarity that dropped in during October, especially around cash and investments—could reemerge for consideration. Give it some more thought, you never know where it might lead…

Taurus And Taurus Rising


You’re not one to rock the boat, but the boat may need to be rocked early in the month—especially if stuff needs sorting around your work or daily routine. Rip the Band-Aid off towards the end of the first week (5–7) and free up the brain space so you can concentrate on more important things. Speaking of which, any a-ha moments you had about love last month are ready to take shape. Whether it’s calling in a new relationship or expressing your needs in a different (more direct) way, you should feel inspired to give something new, a go from the 14th onwards.

Gemini And Gemini Rising

21 MAY—20 JUNE

Talking things out is rarely a problem for you, but if you’re feeling reluctant to share early on in the month—especially issues around creativity, kids or cash—rest assured you’ll be back to your old self by the 7th. That also means you may have to have a tricky conversation, but it will be worth the momentary awkwardness. If you’ve been daydreaming about turning over a new leaf on the health front, getting a new trainer or joining a new gym, this is the month to do it. The good news is, from the 14th you should have more energy than you’ve had in literally months, so it’s the perfect time to make a change.

Cancer And Cancer Rising


Sometimes, silence is kind, and early this month you might try to convince yourself holding your tongue is the nice thing to do. But whatever you’re not saying—potentially involving family and your partner—needs to be said. Don’t fret. Resolution is possible but there may be some momentary discomfort. If a friend planted the idea for a new creative hustle or extracurricular activity last month, this is the time to give it some serious thought. Go bouldering, book karaoke or try ocean swimming; just get out and have some fun. If you’ve been having a major career direction wobble, the uncertainty and doubts around work should feel a whole lot less heavy from the 14th. Take advantage of your new lease on life and start putting yourself out there.

Leo And Leo Rising


Words may feel a little strained early in the month with frustration peaking, especially around work and the daily grind. It won’t be easy but if you’re willing to have a tough conversation you could come to a compromise that works better for all involved. A random idea you had around changing up your living situation could also take shape. As your energy levels pick up (from around 14 November), you’ll have the drive to actually start putting your plans into action – whether it's rearranging the furniture or looking for somewhere new to live. It’s exciting and unexpected, but in these times of uncertainty (and limited travel options), a change could be as good as a holiday.

Virgo And Virgo Rising


There’s a reason talking about money remains one of the last great taboos—it’s bloody uncomfortable! The first week of November, you’ll want to avoid a cash-related conversation, but clearing the air is 100 percent necessary. A major energetic reset mid-month brings a renewed sense of clarity to the way you express yourself. You might reconsider a random idea you had around mid-October related to a new writing project, further study or (future) travel plans. Write it all down. There are no bad ideas. After the 14th energy levels should start to gain some momentum too. Perfect timing to start exploring if that leftfield idea is maybe not as crazy as it seems.

Libra And Libra Rising


Avoiding confrontation is not a great game plan this month. If you’ve been doing your best to not speak your mind, especially with family, you’ll be forced to speak up by 7 November. Momentary cringe will be worth the long-term benefits of clearing the air, I promise! With your mental clarity back on track you might get excited by a cash-related idea/plan/opportunity that first appeared mid-October. After the 14th (which could be a wee bit dramatic FYI), you’ll have renewed energy to make good on all the wild ideas you’ve been having. Run with it, you never know where it could lead!

Scorpio And Scorpio Rising


Being honest has never been a problem, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. You’ll be forced to flex your truth muscles the first week of the month when tension—possibly with siblings or extended family—requires some difficult conversations. Mid-month looks intense when confrontational energy reaches a peak. Proceed with caution. Mid-month is major makeover weather and you might feel overwhelmed with the urge to chop off your hair, get a tattoo, rethink your wardrobe or all of the above.  A person—possibly romantic, possibly not your usual type—who came on the scene mid-October could reemerge. This time you’ll have a better sense of whether it’s something you want to pursue—trust your gut.

Sagittarius And Sagittarius Rising


Friends and money can be a mighty awkward combination. If something in that realm is on your mind this month, don’t let it slide. Now’s the time to draw on that famous Sag directness. Deal with it and move on. Prioritise self-care and consider trying a new practice—meditation, journaling or just a really epic bath—to recharge your batteries. By the 14th you should have more get-up-and go than you’ve had in months. Around the same time, things could feel a little fiery but hang in there, your season begins on the 22 November and your birthday week/month isn’t going to plan itself.

Capricorn And Capricorn Rising


You like to take the high road, especially at work, but early in November you’ll be drawn into drama that forces you to stand your ground. It might be tempting to just leave it, but one way or another it needs to get sorted so you may as well deal with it and move on. Your energy levels should receive a hefty boost around the 14th which will have you ready to rock on a new project/direction/move at home. Around the same time, you may find yourself reconnecting with a new friend, work contact or wild idea from last month. The energy is primed for some surprising inspiration so take advantage of your new-found chutzpah and say yes to unexpected invitations.

Aquarius And Aquarius Rising


You’re not afraid to stand up for yourself but conflict early in November may not seem worth the hassle. Still, whether you like it or not, it will need to be addressed by the 7th so it’s up to you whether you deal with it straight away or leave it to the weekend. If motivation and energy levels have been flagging these past couple of months, rest assured things should start to feel back on track mid-month. The seed of a random idea or career opportunity could begin to sprout from the 17th too. It may not be your usual jam, but it’s definitely worth another look.

Pisces And Pisces Rising


Staying silent can be compassionate (your MO), and you may do just that in the first week of November. But by the 7th, an issue—possibly involving friends and cash—will need to be addressed. It may feel a bit (or a lot) ick but it’s better to clear the air than let it snowball. Renewed motivation around your cash sitch should have you feeling more psyched about your finances than you have been in months. Meanwhile an idea that’s been percolating since mid-October could inspire you to take a totally new path around learning. You might enroll in a course or get involved in a mentorship program at work. It may seem unexpected but trust that 20/20 Piscean intuition and see where it leads.

Emma Vidgen is a writer, astrologer and meditation teacher. She is also the co-founder of The Wayward, a site dedicated to demystifying the mystical and doing life differently. Follow her on Instagram at @emma_vee and @thewayward.co or book a reading.

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