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By Emma Vidgen
7th Sep 2020

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A wise man by the name of John (last name, Farnham) once said…“Take the pressure down…‘Cos I can feel it, rising like a storm."

There’s every chance Farnsy was having a premonition of September 2020 when he penned those fateful words. Whichever way you look at it, this month is tricky. On 10 September, Mars turns retrograde, which means all the things Mars rules (aggression, motivation, desire, assertiveness) will be a bit unwieldy. The vibe is intensified by another bit of difficult astro weather (Saturn square Mars) which peaks around 29 September. It all adds up to major frustration. The lack of progress and/or inability to get on with things will really start to grind your gears. 

Bringing a sense of awareness to your irritation is the best take away to tackle this month. If things aren’t progressing as fast as you’d like, take notice and stop pushing. Wherever possible give things some space and most importantly, give yourself permission to take your foot off the gas.

Aries And Aries Rising

21 march—19 april

There’s a time for grit, a time for going hard, for steely Rocky-levels of determination…but September is maybe *not* one of those times. Do yourself a favour, put the skipping rope down, slice yourself some oranges and have a breather this month. Whether you’ve been on a major fitness kick, or just feeling a little extra, this month your energy levels may begin to flag. Don’t stress, it’s actually not a bad thing. This eight-week period (10 September—14 November) is an invitation to regroup and recover. Put your feet up, pour yourself a Malbec and take a minute, you’ve earned it.

Taurus And Taurus Rising

20 april—20 may

Did you know patience is one of your astrological super powers? This month you’ll be called to test the powers of that epic Taurean patience, when Mars goes retrograde (10 September—14 November). Life will move slowly; progress will move at a glacial pace (if at all) and you may feel uncharacteristically restless. Your challenge is to draw on that phenomenal resilience of yours and keep calm. However you ground yourself—exercise, meditation, cooking or being in nature—have your tools on hand to beat the heat when the pressure rises.

Gemini And Gemini Rising 

21 may—20 june

Virgo season (until 22 September) is usually a time Gemini can get behind. It’s usually a whir of productivity, mental clarity and busy-ness. But this year Virgo season comes with a cosmic handbrake. With Mars, the planet of action, activity and confrontation turning retrograde (10 September—14 November), the flurry of activity that usually accompanies this time will be a little harder to actualise. All around you, people may be losing their cool. Friends could drive you to distraction, followers could be more than a little salty, there’s no way around it, things are tense. The best medicine is to use this time to rest and digest. When you get a hard “no”, leave it at that. Resist the urge to try talking someone around and allow the dust to settle.

Cancer And Cancer Rising

21 june—22 july

This month is all about working smarter, not harder as some epic astro weather promises to teach you a thing or two about patience. The planets are aligning (10 September—14 November) which will make progress, particularly at work, painfully slow. You *could* soldier on, but you’ll not only be facing potential setbacks but also next-level frustration. Perception is everything. Approach this energetic speed bump as an opportunity, not a challenge. Save your energy. Be strategic. Rest when you can. Expect things to take longer than usual and wherever possible, leave the hard stuff until later in the year.

Leo And Leo Rising 

23 july—22 august

Little known Leo fact: you have serious staying power. Your steady, consistent approach to life means there’s not a lot you start that you don’t finish. But this month, your tendency to keep on, keeping on, could leave you feeling totally tapped out. With Mars going retrograde (10 September—14 November), pushing forward with projects—especially anything related to study and travel—is going to be a major punish. It’s not a problem, in fact it’s actually a restorative green light from the sky to not be so… productive. This year has been a doozy. Taking a break is not a failure. Allow yourself time whenever you can to not strive so hard.

Virgo And Virgo Rising

23 august—22 september

Chances are you’ve been on a mission to tie up loose ends and get on top of a cash and/or property situation since late June. You want it done, but unfortunately it still needs a little more time. Unresolved issues might resurface and need another look—especially towards the very end of September. The lack of progress might feel infuriating, but to be fair, you’ve been moving at such a cracking pace, the enforced slow down might actually be good for you. If you do have to head back into negotiations, do what you need to do to stay grounded and bear in mind not everyone can stay as calm as you under pressure.

Libra And Libra Rising

23 september—22 october

Better together is kind of your life motto. Collaboration—whether that’s romantically or in work—is your happy place. Finding balance, calm and tranquillity in relationships is your MO; you may even go so far as to avoid confrontation. But a few barneys might be unavoidable this month, as Mars—the ruling planet of confrontation goes retrograde on 10 September. If you’re in a relationship, the temptation to revisit sore points will be strong. You might feel frustrated, irritated or just a bit uninspired romantically. Resist the urge to make any dramatic decisions. Instead of casting the first stone, use the crackly vibe to look at how you assert yourself and express what you need from you partner. 

Scorpio And Scorpio Rising

23 october—21 november

This month is a toughie. This astro weather feels like stage 4 lockdown levels of frustration—even if you’re not in Melbourne. Whether it’s a growing impatience for things to get back to “normal” or you start to reach the end of your tether with WFH and all the associated Zoom-induced drama that comes with it, things will start to annoy you. A lot. You could feel rage, or overwhelming lethargy, or both. Your challenge is to notice what ticks you off. Triggers are teachers. How do you cope when you feel a little powerless? Try to stay curious about what comes up. See the gentler pace as an opportunity for a little self-care. Focusing on your health and wellbeing is the salve your soul needs in September.

Sagittarius And Sagittarius Rising

22 november—21 december

If you’ve been riding a creative streak or feeling especially psyched to hit the gym things could feel a little less fiery this month. Mars has been fuelling your fun-loving side since late June. As it turns retrograde on 10 September, you may feel like the wind has gone out of your sails. If you have kids, they might be extra cheeky during the retrograde cycle. The next couple of months (November 14), will feel slower, more low energy and TBH, a little frustrating. Use the snail-like pace of life to get in touch with your anger and channel it into something creative.

Capricorn And Capricorn Rising

22 december—19 january

Sade’s Smooth Operator may have been written about you*—you’re very chill under pressure. But this month, you might find the overall “no-can-do” vibe a grind. To be fair, 2020 has been a year of “NO” but as Mars goes retrograde (10 September—14 November) whilst simultaneously squaring your ruling planet Saturn, the vibe is a hard no. It could take its toll—especially with family dynamics and home life. The trick is to be a bit less Capricorn, (read: less productive) during this period. Now is not the time to force things that just aren’t coming together. Save your energy. Take a minute. Rest. Luxuriate. Do a face mask. Anything to help you focus on recuperating. *Based purely on astrological speculation

Aquarius And Aquarius Rising

20 january—18 february

Emotionally detached? Moi? You might get tarred with the nerves of steel brush but the vibe this month could challenge even the coolest cucumbers. Mars, the planet of confrontation, aggro and general fierceness starts its retrograde, setting the scene for a couple of tricky months. It may feel like the epic struggle that has been 2020 finally catches up and you’ve reached the end of your tether. Revisiting old conflict—especially with siblings and extended family—could also be a bit of a minefield so wherever possible, proceed with caution. It’s not the end of the world, but it could be tricky if you don’t take responsibility for your words and actions.

Pisces And Pisces Rising

19 february—20 march

If you’ve been burning through cash since late June, you might feel the impetus to rein it in a little this month. When Mars goes retrograde on 10 September, a two-month cycle begins forcing you to look back at your spending or cash flow situation. It’s all dreadfully mundane and painfully boring, but whether you like it or not, financial matters will be tugging at your pants leg, demanding your attention. There’s the potential for some big feelings—frustration, anger, irritation or a bit of a wobble in confidence. Don’t panic. The mood is temporary, but it is important to use the time to get on top of anything that’s felt financially a little out of control.

Emma Vidgen is a writer, astrologer and meditation teacher. She is also the co-founder of The Wayward, a site dedicated to demystifying the mystical and doing life differently. Follow her on Instagram at @emma_vee and @thewayward.co or book a reading.

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