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Find A Spare Pair Of Pants, Host Is The Zoom Call Horror Film That Will Keep You Up For Weeks

By Rick Stephens
18th Aug 2020

Five people on a Zoom call looking frightened.

Say what you will about The Blair Witch Project, that flick was scary as all hell, and a significant piece of cinema that brought the ‘found-footage’ genre into the mainstream. Sure, a lot has changed since hand-held video cameras and that scene with the loose ear, but the candid horror of the genre still has the ability to scare the sh*t out of one’s self. Just take indie film Host for example, a hyper-current horror that’s filmed almost entirely on a Zoom call.

Host revolves around a group of mates in lockdown. Each week one has to organise an activity for their Friday Zoom chat, and when Haley’s turn comes around, she decides to shake things up with a séance via video chat. We'll avoid any spoilers, but like many horror flicks, it’s at around this point where things begin to go ass-up.

Host has very quickly garnered worldwide attention with its timely release, though this isn’t the director’s first (successful) foray into low-budget film making. Rob Savage has been at it for over a decade now, and has received international acclaim in the form of BFI Film award for his first feature, Strings

Indie films such as Host have a tendency to take their time in making it to New Zealand streamers, however, those keen for a scream can do so right away thanks to Shudder, a fright-forward streaming service that’s just launched in New Zealand for $7.99 a month.

Sign up today, watch Host, and have a fresh pair of pants waiting.

Want more scares? Find out all about the new streaming service here.

Image credit: Shudder

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