How To Get Fit For People Who Hate Fitness

By Sarah Lynch
10th Feb 2016

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Getting motived enough to leave your bed is hard enough without monotonous squats and endless kilometres. Ain’t nobody got time (or the willpower if we’re being super honest) for that!

To get your motivation meter filled and achieve the perfect build (whatever that may look like), check out how you can get fit for people who hate fitness. Who knew exercise could be (sort of) fun?

Head To The Beach

Make a deal with your mates that you’ll swim in the ocean everyday for the remainder of summer. That cooling-off dip is always a good time, and is secretly really good exercise sans sweating

Between The Sheets 

One word, sexercise. Getting intimate may not be a one-way ticket to fitness heaven, but you’ll definitely be on the right track. Men burn approx. 100 calories from doing the deed, while women burn almost 70 calories each session (which is equal to a trim flat white, ladies). 

Pole Dancing 

Pole dancing ditched the stripper stigma years ago and is now recognised globally as an enjoyable workout that gets results! If you’ve ever tried to ‘work the pole’ you’ll understand how much skill and strength is required to pull it off (and yourself up!) while still looking sexy.  


Pounding the pavements in Manolos was Carrie Bradshaw’s go-to cardio, and while you may not have New York on your doorstep or designer shoes on your feet you can still get the same workout. Take a break from online shopping, and shop Auckland’s inner-city suburbs on the weekend instead—your wallet might suffer but your body will thank you for it! 

Belly Dancing 

A full-body workout, belly dancing is a cardio routine that will help deliver washboard abs without the tedious sit ups. Rhythm is a pre-requisite, so if you’re the first on the dance floor on a Saturday night then try shaking your hips through a belly dancing lesson as well—you may just pick up some new moves in time for the weekend! 

Incidental Exercise

Can’t commit to an hour-long sweat session? Try building incidental exercise into your day. You can do so by taking the stairs, parking that little bit further away or better yet, leaving your car at home and walking to work. It will refresh your brain and boost your fitness levels.  

Lounge Workouts 

Working out in the comfort of your own home is as good as it sounds. Minimize the cat videos and try a workout video from YouTube on for size – they’ve got everything from aerobics to yoga to Poodle Exercise With Humans (BYO Poodles, obvs)

On-Brand Workouts 

If you’d rather spend your money on clothing than cardio then you’re in luck—Nike and Lululemon (just to name a few) offer free weekly exercise sessions across Auckland—visit their websites to find out the time and locations. 

Get An Apple Watch 

Do you ever wish you had a trainer who could follow you around to remind you that eight consecutive hours on the couch may be a bit excessive? If so, then you need to get your hands on an Apple watch. Love it or loathe it, you’ll be reminded to keep moving and how many (or few) calories you’ve burned today. Just don't let it fat shame you. 

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