How To Get VIP Treatment Everywhere You Go

By Olivia Atkinson
12th Oct 2016

How To Get VIP Treatment Everywhere You Go

Not too long ago we shared our life-changing tips on how to score a flight upgrade. While some of you may have reclined in the comfy glory of said upgrade, there are other ways to score sneaky benefits without having to jump on a plane. We’re talkin’ complimentary dessert, spesh hair treatments and rooms with views.  

Here is how to bag an upgrade petty much everywhere you go. 

At Restaurants And Bars 

Who doesn’t want free dessert or that extra espresso martini? The number one rule for getting some sneaky upgrades at a restaurant or bar is remembering that hospo staff are people, not just there to take your order or keep your water topped up. Here’s some other nifty tips to follow: 

  1. Have your meal at the bar and chat to the bartender. Remember their name for next time. 
  2. Be one of the first to eat at a new opening—businesses often treat their first customers. Keep an eye out for all our new opening articles on our site! 
  3. Send your compliments to the chef, especially if you loved particular dishes. 
  4. If you really want to be on the radar, dine again there that same week. It will put you on their radar as a valued regular.  
  5. Keen to be super stealth? Call and ask very specific details about the restaurant. How long they’ve been open, nights the Executive Chef is on, parking options etc. These random questions could lead to them thinking you’re some sort of swanky restaurant critic. 

At Hotels 

Unless you’re Beyoncé, bagging a hotel upgrade ain’t easy but with our help, you could be living the sweet suite life in no time. 

  1. Go travelling in the off-season. All the nicer rooms will be snapped up during the busy periods so that’s your chance to upgrade gone. 
  2. Mention that you travel a lot for work and have been dabbling with the option of switching to their hotel. To convince you to make the switch, they might chuck in a couple of perks (helloooo free massage). 
  3. Put emphasis on the occasion. If you’re there on a honeymoon or birthday, let the front desk know how excited you are, chances are you could get a bottle of bubbly or a better view. 
  4. Praise the hotel and charm the socks off every staff member you meet. Ask them questions about what the hotel offers and explain that you want to make the most of your time there. Word-of-mouth is a powerful force and if they think you might rave about your stay to other potential guests, the perks could roll. 
  5. Utilise your loved ones. Be genuine about wanting to make it the best mama-daughter weekend or anniversary getaway possible by mentioning your reasons for being at the hotel. 

At The Hair Salon, Nail Salon Or Spa 

We’ll keep this one simple. If you’re super duper desperate to get the VIP treatment, then a) become a regular and besties with the salon staff or b) *gulps * pretend to be your own assistant. Simply say your ‘boss’ needs a badass blow wave and is only looking for the best. We know, we know, it’s pretty ridiculous BUT you’ll make them believe that your boss aka. you are important and deserve the VIP treatment. 

At The Airport 

Again, this is only if you have zero shame. Most lounge members are allowed to bring a guest in, so get dressed up, spritz on some irresistible fragrance and keep your eyes peeled for a solo traveller heading for the airport lounge. Grow a pair and ask them if they wouldn’t mind adding you as their guest…we’re betting two times out of 10 it might work. 

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