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How To Make An Insta-Worthy Salad In A Jar

By Tessa Gallagher
23rd Mar 2016

Bringing lunch to work every day can sometimes feel like a never-ending drag. It needs to be portable, delicious, somewhat healthy and requires some imagination if you don't want to succumb to eating that can of tuna and rice crackers that have been sitting in your desk drawer for months.

But fear not! The mason jar salad is here to solve all your lunchtime problems, huzzah! Not only are these babies healthy, easy and perfect for some serious salad experimentation, packing your salad in a jar is also an amazing way to solve the classic soggy salad problem.

Jayde from Vine Street Kitchen knows this dilemma all too well in her quest to make nutritious food delicious, convenient and fun.

We took 2 minutes with Jayde to discuss the secret to a perfect and tasty mason jar salad. Spoiler alert: it’s is all in the order!

Side note: Jayde's current fave jar combo is whipped feta, chicken, roast beetroot, rocket, red onion, fresh mint and walnuts with a wedge of lemon or lime placed in the top of the jar to squeeze on the greens. (Start with the feta at the bottom and work your way up in the order listed!)

Step 1 | Pick The Right Jar

Not too tall and skinny, not too short or too fat. Must have a big wide mouth…No this isn't Jayde’s tinder wish-list, it's what she looks for in the perfect salad jar.

Step 2 | Dressing

The dressing goes in first and Jayde reckons thick creamy dressings are the best because then the next layer sits on top without absorbing too much. If you do opt for a vinaigrette style dressing, try to then add veggies that will soak it up without getting soggy, like red onion, carrot, broccoli or cauliflower. Jayde says the dressing is always the hero so make sure it packs a punch in flavour and be generous with it.

Step 3 | Layer It Up!

The more layers and vegetables the better, not just because they're nice on the eye but eating the rainbow also has awesome health benefits. Think chickpeas, roast vegetables, chicken, rice, noodles, cabbage, beetroot and cheese. Here's your chance to get creative!

Step 4 | Leafy Greens At The Top

Leafy greens, fresh herbs, nuts and seeds should form the top layers to stop them going all soggy, because you don’t make friends with soggy salad! Think spinach, rocket, lettuce, mint, parsley and walnuts.

Step 5 | Be A Lunch Show-Off

Don’t forget to place your jar on the top shelf at the very front of the fridge at work to be the envy of all your co-workers.

Step 6 | Shake And Stir

When you’re ready to eat, shake and stir (some vigorous jabbing with the fork may be required for the super thick and creamy dressings!), eat straight from the jar or tip into a bowl.

Looking for more recipe inspo? Check out these Two Super Salads To Take To Your Next BBQ!

Image credit: Vine St Kitchen

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