Cash Up, Here’s How To Make Money On Instagram

By Jessica Best
17th Nov 2020

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We know you’re curious, so here’s the tea. 

You can absolutely make some decent cash-dollar off the ‘gram without doing too much heavy lifting ie. influencing. From becoming an affiliate legend to selling your content on the side to big tourism bodies, there are some serious bucks to be earned.

Here’s how to make money on Instagram.

Influence And Create Sponsored Posts

Don’t laugh, influencing is your number one way to make some real hard cash on Instagram. First up, having a decent follower base is the most important thing here as is a competitive engagement rate and thus the sponsored content is born. This way contains the least amount of effort because of course, you’re not creating a product, you’re just teeing up with brands and posting about a product.

If this is your jam, try working up to that sweet spot of 10k followers, it’s like hitting adulthood in the real world where everyone actually starts to take you seriously.

Be An Affiliate For Other Products

If you’re not cut out to rule the big, bad world of influencing, try your hand at being an affiliate god. This means, selling other people’s products or services and getting a lil’ squeeze of the profit. Affiliates basically help make sales for whatever brand is partnering with them and in exchange, you’ll get some commission. This is tracked through a specific link or a good old promo code.

Get Creative And Sell Your Own Stuff

The beauty of Instagram is that if you’re keen to make money off it, having a profile is almost like having your own shop, but virtual. Instagram launched “Instagram Shop” this year which means you can sell products directly through the platform and tag products on images and lead your followers to any landing pages. From here, your followers can buy your stuff straight up.

Make Content, Then Sell It

Travel influencers basically lead the way in seriously monetising user-generated content. Travel companies of all shapes and sizes are your best mates here—they pay anyone who takes incredible shots which can be used in content libraries and tourism campaigns.

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Image credit: Mike Von

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