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How To Rock Dark Lipstick Without Looking Like A Goth

By Rachel Stevenson
13th Apr 2016

Dark lipstick is the perfect way to show off your style credentials this autumn and winter, but how do you go for a way darker shade than you normally would, without looking like you’re off to a fancy dress party as Morticia Addams? Follow these simple tips on how to rock the dark lipstick look like a pro.

Lots of mascara

The key to this look is to go bold all over. This means lashings of a dark shade of mascara and eyeliner to even out your new daring look. Avoid eye shadow or smoky eyes though, just go for outlined eyes and bold lashes to let your lips do the talking.

Don’t go pale

Whatever you do, don’t choose light makeup to go with dark lips. Instead, opt for bronzed skin and a rosy blusher to add warmth to your style, sidestepping the vampire/goth look nicely.

Choose the right shade carefully

With hundreds of shades of plum, burgundy and wine, choosing the right shade of dark lipstick for your skin tone can be a minefield. We suggest going to the professionals to get some help on picking the colour that’s going to suit you best. 

Match it with your outfit

Dark shades of lipstick can only be pulled off by a gifted few. These are the girls that also rock leather trousers, fitted jumpers and a pair of killer black-heeled boots with their lipstick. So, pick your outfit wisely, this is not a look that suits a pretty dress or pale blouse.

Go all out

To really rock this look you need to go the whole way: we’re talking nails done, hair done, everything! Go for all out glam to really nail this trend and avoid looking like you just didn’t check your lipstick shade in the mirror before you stepped out the house. 

Use a lip liner

Not like one that you use to use back in the 90s, but one the same shade as the colour of lipstick you choose. This is to avoid the lipstick bleeding (spreading out from your lips onto your face), ‘cos that’s not a good look for anyone!

Our top five picks of dark lipstick to wear this autumn:

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