How to Survive Hump Day In 21 Easy Steps

By Olivia Atkinson
17th Aug 2016

Ah, Wednesday. It’s a bittersweet time of the week. We’re halfway to the weekend but we’re STILL only halfway to the weekend. Ya know? They don’t call it hump day for nothing. To help you climb over the other side, we’ve found 21 ways to get through today. You can do iiit. 

  1. Force your dog/cat/significiant other/flat mate to cuddle you.
  2. Fake a sickie. Here’s how.
  3. Go out for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner. Never underestimate the mood boosting properties of a cheeseburger.
  4. Move your cheat day to Wednesday while you’re at it.
  5. Call your bestie and convince them that Wine Wednesdays at your local are a thing.  
  6. Or, buy a bottle of vino and drink it on the couch at home. No judgement.
  7. Pump some iron or go for a mammoth walk. Endorphins are pretty much drugs.
  8. Go to sleep. The weekend will be that much closer when you wake up.
  9. Jot down everything you achieved this week. Not only will you realise how good you are at getting shit done, it will motivate you to charge through the rest of the week.
  10. Coffee. White, black, short, long, iced, or all of the above.
  11. Chocolate. White, dark, milk, or all of the above.
  12. Get stuck into a trashy magazine.
  13. Put some amazeballs plans in place for Friday night. It’s always good to have something to look forward to.
  14. Change your desktop background to something that brings a smile to your dial. Be it kittens, your boo or an island far, far away.
  15. Hang out with someone who makes you ROFL.
  16. Get the feck out of the office and lap up some Vit D.
  17. Have a wee chuckle over memes. There’s some goodies on our Instagram.
  18. Clean your desk, clear out your computer, rearrange your undie drawer. You’ll be instantly satisfied.
  19. Think of all the things you’re grateful for and write ‘em down. Sounds cheesy, but it works.
  20. Do something nice for someone else. It’s not all about you. Gosh.
  21. Peanut butter. That is all. 

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Image credit: My Wallpaper

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