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The Indoor Plants Trends You Need To Know About This Year

By Alesha Saliba
16th Feb 2018

Bet you can’t scroll through your Insta feed without seeing a perfectly styled apartment featuring a giant Fiddle Leaf Fig (so 2014 ). Our thumbs get greener every year and 2018 is set to see trends move on from your average garden variety greenery. Here’s what we’re digging...

Patterned Foliage

Literally living works of art, this trend is all about leaves that are splashed, spotted and streaked with colour as though someone went a little crazy with a paintbrush.


Our prediction for the ‘IT’ plant of 2018. There are hundreds of varieties of Calathea, some with leaves that are wavy, round, pointed or oval shaped and with colours ranging from silver to hues of green and deep burgundy. But not only that, these guys are nyctinastic, meaning they raise and lower their leaves in response to day and night—cute (or creepy?)! If you’re quiet you might even hear them moving. Try Calathea Medallion, Rattlesnake or Freddie.

Begonia ‘Wightii’ 

Dark and leafy, this one’s a favourite. The Polka Dot Begonia is known for its dramatic angel wing shaped leaves covered with splashes of silver spots. Bonus points: it’s a fast grower, easily propagated and will produce little white flowers several times a year.

Pops Of Colour

Sometimes plain old shades of green just won't do. Add some colour to the mix with these fiery specimens.


Colorfully marked foliage and limitless leaf forms—this guy's got it all. With names like Dreadlocks, Ann Rutherford and Mona Lisa there are hundreds of Croton varieties and all are an explosion of colour with rich shades of red, orange, gold and even black. Lovers of bright, indirect light they show their best colours when grown in a high-light environment.

Blushing Philodendron 

Um, a millennial pink philodendron? Swoon! This beauty is especially unique. Young leaves emerge as dark olive-green with white variegation, maturing to a deep black (with is super rare in nature) and blushing pink spots.

Aquatic Plants

Okay so some of us just do not have a green thumb no matter how hard we try—enter aquatic plants. An underwater garden is a great alternative to potted plants and you’ll never accidentally over water again!

Marimo ‘Moss Balls’ 

Not moss at all but rather a rare form of spherical algae—Marimo is a Japanese word which literally translates to ‘seaweed ball’. Fun fact: there’s no central stone inside the sphere—it’s solid algae, growing from its center.  Bizarre and beautiful in equal parts, caring for these adorable little spheres is easy. Preferring medium indirect light in a cool spot, you’ll just need to change the water once every two weeks.

Amazon Sword Plant

These super low-maintenance water plants with bright green leaves are usually found in aquariums. Pop into your local pet store to create your own tropical garden in a jar, minus the fish.

Dwarf Fruit Trees

Most citrus trees are happy to be grown in large pots—especially the dwarf varieties—and will generally only grow to the size of the container it's planted in. Pro tip: citrus needs about 5 hours of sunlight each day and you should water (but don't soak) when the top 2 inches of soil are dry.

Meyer Lemon Trees

Like a summer's day in a pot, this variety of lemon is suited to mild climates and produces a less bitter fruit than others. We are huge fans of the deep glossy green foliage, the scent of citrus blossoms and the bragging rights of having organically grown fruit at our fingertips.

Want more? Master the art of succulents and cacti here.

Design credit: Isaac Smith | Main image credit: Elle Borgward

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