7 Tips To Nailing A Stress-Free Overseas Holiday

By Sophie Oddo
28th Nov 2019

Going on an overseas holiday is one of life’s most exciting adventures, however, it doesn’t come without its stresses. So, we’ve teamed up with Cathay Pacific to suss out the best tips and tricks to minimising stress and maximising a good time.

Plus, if you sign up to Cathay Pacific’s newsletter by December 15, you could win return flights for two to one of 50 destinations of your choice. For more details, click here. Who knows, you might be putting these tips to use quicker than you thought. 

Nail Your Flights

No matter how much you plan, prepare and organise your overseas holiday, it all starts and ends with your flights, so it goes without saying, you need to ensure you snag the right flights with the right airline.  

Everything from ensuring seats are comfortable, cabins are quiet, there’s ample in-flight entertainment (we’re talking movies, shows, music, the lot) and, of course, faultless service are all things that should be on your checklist when booking a flight. So, if you’re trying to find the airline that talks the talk and walks the walk, make sure to check out Cathay Pacific, most specifically their brand spanking new A350 aircraft which make travelling on long-haul flights an absolute dream.

Don’t Try To Do It All

Jamming your itinerary with countries to visit, places to see and things to do might tick lots of travel boxes, but you’re going to end up feeling exhausted, rushed and the holiday is most likely going to be remembered as one big blur. 

Trust that you’ll travel again and that although another country may be a short three-hour train ride away, you’re best staying right where you are. Take a load off, relax and truly immerse yourself in the city culture, devour delicious feeds and soak up the natural splendour. You’ve got your whole life to see the world, right?

Guard Your Goods

Nothing ruins a holiday quite like having your credit card, cash or passport stolen. Travelling is a rewarding and extremely life-changing experience, but it still pays to have your wits about you when galavanting around foreign countries.

Always keep your possessions close, always put bags with long straps across your body (not just over one shoulder), or better yet, invest in a trendy bum bag or crossbody bag to always keep your goodies in sight and secure.

Make The Most Of Stopovers

While long stopovers can be a pain when all you want is to arrive at your holiday destination, you should always make the most of them. Not only are they great for breaking up a painfully long transit, it allows you to give your body a break from sitting with most airports providing an abundance of shopping, tasty feeds and sometimes even sneaky massage parlours. 

Better yet, if you’re really looking for a baller stopover, pay a visit to one of the award-winning Cathay Pacific lounges. They're coveted for their tranquil relaxation rooms and mouth-watering food, to help you refuel and zen before your next leg.

Learn The Lingo

While we've accepted the fact that we're probably never going to be fluent in any other language than English, it doesn't mean you can't nail a few phrases and words to both help you navigate your way around the city. Who said an old dog can't learn new tricks?

With everything from old school phrase books, language learning podcasts and translating apps at your fingertips, it's never been easier to speak a foreign language. Not only will this make getting around, ordering food, and asking for directions an absolute breeze, it's also a great way to show respect to locals. 

Do Your Research

Although you may have endless photos of your dream travel destinations saved on Instagram or pinned on Pinterest, it pays to do some research before travelling to a foreign country to ensure you’re prepared.

Everything from local laws and customs, entry and exit requirements, safety and security are all important things to educate yourself on before touching down in another country. Because the last thing you want at the beginning of your holiday is to realise you needed a visa to enter the country, right?

It’s The Little Things

While there are many big things to remember in order to ensure your holiday is smooth sailing, sometimes it’s the little things that can make all the difference.

Whether it’s packing a multi-adapter so you’re power-ready no matter what country you’re in, ensuring you’ve set up a sweet international roaming plan so you’re never out of contact with your mates or investing in a passport wallet so you don’t misplace it amongst your mountain of clothing, every little bit helps.

Whether it’s a quick getaway to Asia or a six-week tour around Europe, expect to stress less and enjoy more on a holiday with Cathay Pacific. To enter the draw to win return flights for two, simply visit the Cathay Pacific website and sign up to their newsletter.

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