Is Swimming The New Running?

By Olivia Atkinson
17th Feb 2016

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It’s that time of year for making resolutions and cutting back on the fork-to-face feasting. Your bod is begging you to get the heart rate up and become fighting fit once more. 

Let’s face it, for some people, cardio sessions are an excuse for a snore-fest and yoga is just too blah…they need a little action and adrenaline to get the blood pumping. 

Pounding the pavement is the holy grail of exercise for some, but when your joints don’t like it, it’s a sign to try something new. And the truth is, running is so 2015 

If you’re looking to kick-start healthy habits and ditch the squishy bits without the risk of injury, locate your goggles because swimming might just be the new running. 

This low-impact yet super effective exercise is one to try if you’re looking to work out your entire body. With swimming, no muscle is left behind. While you’re flailing about in the water, you can be sure that all your muscles are under the pump, getting mean and lean. 

Like running, swimming is also a great aerobic exercise. It sorts out any crazy blood pressure, mellows your pulse rate, strengthens joints, improves breathing and stimulates metabolism (goooodbye fat!). 

Even if you’re a keen runner, swimming is an awesome way to give your body a break, recover from injury, or mix things up in the ol’ exercise regime. 

So what are you waiting for? Throw on your togs, hit the pool and swim yourself to health! 

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Image credit: World Series Swim

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