Karen Walker’s New Jewellery Collection Has Landed And Here’s What We Want

By Natasha Van Der Laan
23rd Mar 2016

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Let’s be honest, we love everything and anything Karen Walker. We can’t get enough of the Kiwi designer’s clothes, shoes, sunnies and—our favourite—jewellery! You’ll find us typing away at The Urban List HQ, fingers stacked with K-Dub rings and with Runaway Girl hanging from our necks. Yup, we’re so Auckland right now.

Imagine the excitement in the office when we heard Ms Walker has released a new collection. We threw our computers aside and started popping bottles of champagne in celebration. Well...not quite. In reality we crowded around a computer and oohed and ahhed at a press release but that doesn’t sound half as glamorous, does it?

The new Galactic collection focuses around the idea of celestial navigation, with stars and arrows being a common theme across the range of rings, earrings and a bangle. After much oohing and ahhing, we’ve narrowed down the five pieces we absolutely want need.

#1 Ballistic ring

This ring features a rutilated stone encased by two arrows—so pwetty! You can also get the same ring with a smokey quartz stone. They’re available in gold and sterling silver.

#2 Navigator ring

Similar to the ballistic ring, the navigator ring features a round stone and also comes in a smokey quartz stone. It comes in both gold and sterling silver.

#3 Velocity bangle

We love the fine faceted-edge of this bangle. While it comes in both gold and rose gold, we think the sterling silver offering would best complement our pre-existing silver Karen Walker jewellery (hint hint).

#4 Star outline earrings

Move over, Stars In Their Eyes. These days it’s cool to have stars in your ears. We wants these gold star outline earrings. They also come in sterling silver. 

#5 Diamond star ring

Keeping with the whole star theme is this white gold ring that is lined with .26ct diamonds—fancy! If your bank account doesn’t allow such purchases, you can also get it without the diamonds in sterling sliver.  

We’re also pretty excited about all things Sephora. Check out Sephora Is Shipping To New Zealand And This Is What We Want.

Image credit: Karen Walker

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