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Life Made: Tip Top & Whittaker’s Just Dropped A Collab

By Rachel Lay
20th Sep 2018

Well, holy moly. It’s officially the best time to be Kiwi ever. Why? Because the almighty Kiwi icon Tip Top has just dropped the mother of all collabs with Whittaker's. And it’s here forever, baby!

You could call this the most excited Kiwi baby announcement since Jacinda's, but we’re aware that probably errs on the dramatic side. Still, we love food—that’s our MO after all, so can you blame us?!

Alright, ready for the juicy bits?

Unbutton your skinny jeans and un-cancel that spin class because Tip Top and Whittaker’s have collabed to bring out not just one deliciously, patriotic ice cream, but three. Yes, THREE. And we’re just going to call it now: these creations are so delicious there is really no chance of playing it cool, you’re going to devour them in approximately three seconds—there's no time to savour these bad boys. They've come with a warning too: best eaten like nobody’s watching. The chocolate will end up all over your fingers and the ice cream will drip on your outfit. Sorry, but it's inevitable. 

Featuring delicious Tip Top ice cream made with fresh New Zealand milk and cream, natural colours and flavours, and dipped in authentic Whittaker’s finest chocolate, we’re already head over heels for these guys.

So, what are these new ice cream flavours? We’ve been teasing you too long, we know. Allow us to introduce:

  • Vanilla and cashew praline
  • Coffee and cacao
  • Chocolate and pretzel

The next most important detail—where the heck can you get these guys?! From September 24 you’ll find them in your local supermarkets, dairies, and servos nationwide. 

Plus, you can be one of the first to try one **FOR FREE** at the Tip Top #Happimess pop up on September 22 from 12pm at 21a Remuera road, Newmarket if you’re one of the first 4,000 people to arrive. We’d be marking that in the diary quick smart if we were you. Just RSVP right here

Editor's note: this article was produced in partnership with Tip Top. Thank you for supporting the partners who make The Urban List possible. To read our editorial policy, click here

Image credit: Jaiden Bhaga

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