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Little Easy | The Verdict

By Ava Wardecki
12th Jul 2016

We love a good bargain as much as the next person does—especially if it’s to do with food. That’s why, when we found out that our Ponsonby fave, Little Easy, does $10 burgers, we dropped everything and hopped, skipped and jumped on over to try it for ourselves. 

Situated right across from Franklin Rd, Little Easy has become a staple on Ponsonby Rd since it set up shop back in 2014. It may be a place famous for it’s long queues of party animals waiting to get in the door in the early AM, but its food is about to get famous in it’s own right. Brace yourselves, the lines are going to get even longer when word of these all day every day $10 burgers gets out. 

Upon walking in to the joint, we just had to take a moment to take appreciate Little Easy’s top-notch décor. The interior was bold, welcoming and fun. There are festoon lights, rustic furniture, beach umbrellas over the booths and fresh blooms on every table. I’m sure you get the picture—it’s pretty rad. 

Even more rad, is Little Easy’s menu. It’s full of the good ol’ hearty pub food classics that we all know and love—plus some. With all the choices available on their $10 burger menu, they’ve got a burger for everyone here. We were stoked to see that there’s a burger with practically all of our favourite meats and garnishings—plus tasty options for our vegetarian, gluten, dairy free pals too. 

Which one, you ask? Good question, because it sure was tough to choose. Thankfully for us, the super friendly staff were more than happy to dish out their wisdom and share their personal faves from the menu to help us make the perfect pick. 

We loved the chicken burger filled with buttermilk fried chook, slaw and cheddar. We also adored the Cuban, which is every pulled pork fan’s dream come true. If you’re wanting to try a little something different then we vote you try out Big Easy Burger. It’s got all the trimmings of a classic burger but has bacon jam (yes you read right, bacon jam) and a mac n’ cheese patty thrown in to the mix – it’s damn good. Oh and, did we mention that all these seriously good patty-stacks are all $10?! 

Their fries also have a special place in our heart. They’re thin, crispy and oh-so tasty—especially paired with the parmesan or chilli aioli we were presented with. There’s heaps of other snacks on hand too, from eggplant chips to toasties and you really can’t go wrong with them. And to wash all of this down, there’s plenty of beers, wines and cocktails to choose from. 

If you’re after a satiating and tasty meal that’s still super easy on the wallet, Little Easy and their $10 burger menu is your dream come true!

Want to know the location, opening hours and all the deets? Find Little Easy in the Directory.

Image credit: Little Easy via Facebook

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