Load ‘Em Up | Auckland’s Best Loaded Fries

By Olivia Atkinson
6th Apr 2016

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If you haven’t noticed, the humble frite has had somewhat of a makeover. The days of skinny fries and aioli are over and there’s a new tribe of ‘tato sticks in town.

Meet loaded fries. They’re piled high, topped with all sorts of lip-smacking, finger-lickin’ bits and bobs, and seem to be just what we need now that the temp is plummeting.

In light of this, we munched our way through Auckland’s loaded fries and singled out the best of the best. Grab a fork and dive on in. 


Food Stall 

The Coreano dudes know exactly how to reel in the hungry people of Auckland—kimchi fries. Coreano brings together slow-braised pulled pork, sautéed kimchi cheese, a zig zag of sour cream, Korean-style salsa roja, finished off with onion and coriander. Bonus points if you can down one of their epic burgs as well.  

The Fed 

Auckland CBD

A fave amongst Auckland’s loaded fries fans, The Fed keep things cheesy and saucy with their Montreal poutine. We’re taking crispy fries with lashings of gravy and cheese curds—a glorious union of naughty ingredients and one that you need to try if you call the City of Sails home. 

Double Dutch Fries 

Food Stall 

Not only are we impressed that the Double Dutch Fries crew cut their fries by hand (with the help of a dinky imported fry cutter), we are also rapt that they brought real-deal Dutch fries to our wee corner of the world. Make sure you try Patat Oorlog, their signature dish featuring fries with creamy mayo, tangy satay sauce and finely chopped onions. They come in a cone so you can pick these babies up on the go. 

The Roaming Dive 

Food Truck 

The Roaming Dive has amped up their twice-cooked fries by adding a generous helping of sticky pork. If that wasn’t enough, they’ve also introduced us to the fries to rule all loaded fries—the carne asada fries. Crispy, crispy fries topped with marinated steak, buffalo sauce, sriracha, melted cheese, sour cream sauce, tomato salsa, salsa verde, crispy fried pork belly, cracking AND green onions. May your appetite be large and napkins be plenty. 

Marina Cantina 

Half Moon Bay 

Half Moon Bay restaurant, Grangers understand the role of Mexican food in a balanced diet. That’s why they’ve opened a space dedicated to the cuisine. Alongside the tacos, ensaladas and burritos, Marina Cantina’s loaded fries will rock your tastebuds with pulled pork, chipotle mayo, queso cheese and jalapeños.

Better Burger 


Better Burger’s epic fries definitely live up to their namesake. Ask for a serving of these and you’ll be met with fries, melted cheese, caramelised onion, mustard and a secret, special sauce. Is that tummy grumbling we hear? 

North Park 

Wynyard Quarter 

North Park is Citizen Park’s sister restaurant serving up some damn tasty burnt end poutine. Basically poutine on steroids, this dish is put together with smoked brisket, skinny fires, cheese curds and gravy. We can guarantee you won’t want to share. 



Dogmatic are all about loading their fries with all manner of deliciousness. Opt for the chilli fries (spicy ground beef, sour cream, chilli sauce and jalapeños) or dig your fork into gauc, cheddar, sour cream and salsa. For you pea fiends, Dogmatic also do a smashed pea and gravy loaded fries. 

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