Get Set To Plan Around The Celestials, Here’s Everything To Know About Moon Gardening

By Jessica Best
29th Jul 2020

full moon in starry night sky

We realise the initial phrasing of “moon gardening” might conjure up some pretty fantastical imagery. Because yes—we also first imagined a Kate Bush-style gathering where you plant a sea of salt crystals in the woods at zero dark thirty on a super blood moon. But oh how wrong we were.

And needless to say, we’ve all killed a beloved fern or two in our time, we’re not proud of it. The art of caring for your plants as an adult is a true talent so if your horticultural knowledge remains limited, enter the way of lunar gardening, an age-old method which has a cult-following that says you’ll reap some mad green-finger rewards.

Moon gardening or, moon phase gardening, though sounds far-fetched, is actually an ancient practice which has kind of reared its head into the mainstream this year (is it everyone’s eternal love for astrology right now? Who knows). It’s been around since the beginning of time, or at least since agriculture began, and it basically uses the several phases of the moon to determine whether you should be weeding, planting, sowing—you name it.

The general idea behind moon gardening is to work “with nature”, and the basis is that, similar to how tides are affected by the gravitational pull of the moon, so is the water in both the ground and plants. Tides are at their highest during new and full phases of the moon and moon gardening suggests that, at this time, it’s peak time for seeds to absorb water as well.

It has a pretty controversial rep (much like the chicken or the egg debate) on whether the process is actually legit but if you really followed the moon gardening process, it would see you mowing your lawn during the waxing gibbous phase (to increase growth), picking medicinal herbs and plants on a full moon, harvesting your crops during a waning gibbous, fertilising during the last quarter and pretty much witnessing your garden thrive into an oasis of ever-abundant lushness.

You can scope out more on moon gardening on this calendar.

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Image credit: Ahsan Avi

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