New Opening: Lucky Lucky Dumplings

By Natasha Van Der Laan
13th Apr 2016

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If there’s one thing Aucklanders can’t get enough of, it’s dumplings. And, lucky for us dumpling-eating fiends, there’s a new joint in town! Enter K-Roads latest addition: Lucky Lucky Dumplings.

The pop-up eatery has more character and sass than all the dumpling joints of Dominion Road combined. How so? Well, the pop-up eatery is situated in an old strip club—as you do!

As of last year, the historic Las Vegas strip club transformed from a seedy strip joint to a classy burlesque and entertainment venue. Everyone knows burlesque is best enjoyed when you’ve pre-loaded on dumplings and this is where Lucky Lucky Dumplings come in.

From 5pm to 10pm, Wednesday through to Saturday, the venue hosts the new eatery. Down the alleyway and through a bright red door, you’ll find chef Yukio Ozeki (of Ebisu fame) and top-notch bartender, Alex Hobson (of Fukuko, Ostro and Seafarers).

Here they serve up dumplings (duh) and all your other Asian-joint faves such as crispy pork bao, confit duck pancakes and spicy cucumber salad. Personally, we’re counting down to dessert so we can feast on their “bao chicka bao wow’ dessert bao—madness.

As for draaanks, Lucky Lucky Dumplings keep things cool by serving cocktails in sealed bubble tea cups. Shaking your cocktail is actively encouraged!

Dumplings just went zero to one hundred real quick. Check it out before the hype sets in.

Check here for more deets about Lucky Lucky Dumplings.

Image credit: Lucky Lucky Dumplings

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