Get Around History And Watch Pixar’s First Film Starring An LGBQTI+ Main Character

By Jessica Best
2nd Jun 2020

pixar's animated film

Cinemas across the globe may well and truly have shut their doors for the time being but there’s one brand new film which has everyone talking. The movie is called Out and it’s emerged from Pixar Studio.

On the surface, this animated film only spans around nine minutes but packs a whole lot of heart. It’s part of the SparkShorts series on Disney+, an initiative from Pixar where new animators get the creative freedom to tell their own stories in a sling of short films (there’s around six at the moment). The big stand out? You guessed it—Out.

While it seemed Disney fans could never be truly satisfied until fed with a Wall-E sequel, the delicate and beautiful storyline of this short animation has resonated and hit many in the feels all over the world. It follows the story of Greg, Pixar’s very first LGBQTI+ protagonist. Greg is moving out with his boyfriend but his parents don’t know that he’s gay—which make things pretty difficult when they surprise him on moving day to help out, and he struggles to hide the relationship. 

The short film features cosmic pets, rainbows and many beautiful, honest and emotional moments (like when Greg and his boyfriend hug each other—an image never seen in the history of Pixar or Disney animations) dotted throughout the animation in true Pixar style. 

And though some might say a film like this is well overdue, there’s no doubt it marks a major milestone for LGBQTI+ representation on screen. You can watch Out on Disney+ now.

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Image credit: Pixar Animation Studio

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