Cookie Crusher Collins VS Jacinda Fever, Cast Your Vote At This Epic Christchurch Gelato Store

By Annabel Herbison
8th Oct 2020

Tubs of delicious looking gelato stacked high with politician's heads on sticks poking out of the top.

One of Christchurch’s most well-loved (and epic) gelato stores is letting you cast your vote for the upcoming elections in the most mouth-watering way possible. Rollickin Gelato’s ‘scoop poll’ lets you over indulge in creamy, organic deliciousness, all in the name of politics. Who knew it could be so fun?

Each leader has their own dedicated flavour of gelato, and prepare your taste buds because they’re all out the gate (or should we say the beehive). Flavours include red velvet cake for the Prime Minister’s ‘Jacinda Fever’, cookies and cream for ‘Cookie Crusher Collins’, marshmallow and chocolate for ‘David S’more’, pistachio and hemp brownies for ‘A Shaw High’, and liquorice and chocolate lumps for ‘Naughty Ol’ Winston’. If you ask us they all sound pretty darn tasty!

The poll is running for the next couple of weeks, and the specialty election flavour that sells the most will be crowned the ultimate winner. If you’re in Christchurch make sure you head along to one of Rollickin’s cafés, grab a scoop or two (#icecreamcoalition) and have your say.

The cool part is if you haven’t yet enrolled to vote (in the actual elections), you can do while you’re there enjoying a scoop of ‘Naughty Ol’ Winston’, just be sure to separate your chosen ice-cream flavour from your real-life vote…

If you’re outside of Christchurch, keep your eyes (and taste buds) peeled as this fun eatery has also just won Hopso Lifeline, a $26,000 business support package from First Table's community project First Eats and a little birdie told us they could be heading to a city near you soon. Be still our beating hearts.

The Details

What: Rollickin Gelato's Scoop Poll
Where: 35 New Regent Street or The Arts Centre, Christchurch
When: Every day until 17 October 2020 (also known as election day).

Image credit: Rollickin Gelato

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