Rose Tinted Flowers Opens in St. Kevin’s Arcade!

By Albert Cho
19th Mar 2018

Rose Tinted Flowers Opens in St. Kevin’s Arcade

One of our favourite florists, Rose Tinted Flowers, has set up shop on K’Road in St. Kevin’s Arcade on Monday.

Rosie’s floral style is inspired by her English heritage and her bouquets make us feel like we’re sitting in a British garden behind a small and cosy cottage. Rosie’s flowers are assembled in a way to highlight their natural beauty by going against the typical construction and finessing of flowers. Instead, she lets the flowers fall the way they want, to be deconstructed and remain feminine, romantic and authentic. 

In honour of UN International Day of Happiness, Rosie from Rose Tinted Flowers on K’Road will be giving out flowers to weary city commuters tomorrow. Nope, these ones don’t come with a price tag. Rosie is using flowers for what they’re originally made for, which is to make someone’s day a little brighter and better, free of charge.

So go in, give Rose Tinted Flowers a visit, and wish Rosie luck with her newly opened shop. Make their day with your nice words of encouragement and brighten your own with their gorgeous flowers.

For more information of Rose Tinted Flowers and opening hours, click here.

Image Credit: Jaiden Bhaga

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