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Say What? You Can Now Put Your Face On Your Luggage

By Albert Cho
3rd Apr 2018

Say What? You Can Now Put Your Face On Your Luggage

Waiting for your suitcase to come out of the carousel can be one of the most draining parts of travelling. First of all, there never seems to be a time when your bag is one of the first to come out. Secondly, all the bags are bleak, boring and ugly (including your own) which makes it confusing to distinguish which one is yours.

Well fear no more as Firebox have treated us to the coolest thing yet! Thanks to them, we can now get our faces plastered onto both sides of our luggage. Not only does this ensure that nobody will mistakenly take your suitcase but you get to brighten the dull waiting experience with your beautiful face.

All you have to do is upload a high resolution image of your face to the Firebox website and they’ll hook you up with a double polyester spandex to slide on to your suitcase. Spice up your airport fashion with a true one of a kind and proudly rock your customized suitcase!


What: Put Your Face On Your Luggage
Where: Firebox

Image Credit: Firebox

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