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Lock Your Doors And Grab A Pillow, A Scream Reboot Is Coming In 2022

By Jessica Best
31st Aug 2020

scream face from horror movie franchise scream

Horror fans of the world unite, your prayers have been answered. Another Scream film is locked and loaded for cinema release and it’s even better than you could have imagined.

The Scream meta-horror franchise is no doubt one the biggest yet, made-up of four gore-filled slasher films already. The next, aptly called Scream 5, is set to drop 14 January in 2022 and will see Courtney Cox reclaim her role as journalist Gale Weathers, as well as David Arquette to play Sheriff Dewey Riley.

Filling out the cast will be Jenna Ortega from You and Jane The Virgin, plus Melissa Barrera (who you’ve seen in Vida) but both roles in the film are yet to be confirmed. The movie will also be directed by Ready Or Not creators—Matthew Bettinelli-Olphin and Tyler Gillet and will be the first film reprisal since 2011.

The Scream franchise is an absolute cult-classic which saw filmmaker Wes Craven (yes, that big brain behind Nightmare on Elm Street) completely revitalise the slasher-horror genre by mixing its cliches with the likes of comedy and satire. The first movie kicks off a year after Sidney’s mum is murdered in which a whole slew of murders begin to occur. She basically tries to figure out whether these murders are connected in some way and yep — everyone seems like they could be a suspect.

Until then, here are the best shows to watch on Netflix AU and Netflix NZ.

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