Subscription Boxes We’re Loving Right Now

By Esté Swanepoel
15th May 2018

With the traffic getting worse and the temperature dropping lower, retail therapy is starting to feel less de-stressing and more distressing. Cut that extra hassle out of your life and sign up for a subscription service to get your consumerist kick every month—without even having to leave the house. What a time to be alive!

From beauty products to health foods to vitamins to cheese and so much more, here are some of our faves:


Look out sisters, Australia’s #1 beauty subscription box Bellabox has launched in New Zealand! Each month you’ll get a box of beauty samples delivered to your door for you to test out and experiment with. Bellabox’s website will show you how to use the products and where you can buy the full sized version. When signing up, you’ll answer a few questions about yourself so that each month one or two products from your box will be tailored to fit your beauty profile. Ideal! 

My Treat Box

This subscription box is all about self care. Created to help busy women look after themselves, you can choose whether you want a monthly delivery of beautiful underwear, luxury beauty products or both. Each box has a RRP of at least twice what you pay and is 100% cruelty free. The creators of My Treat pick their products and brands based on their business practices and processes so and prioritise local brands, which makes it that much easier to justify treating yourself.

Little & Luxe

This box is aaaaaall about you, sweetheart. Part of the sign up process is filling in a questionnaire about your likes and dislikes so that each month you receive a carefully curated surprise. It’s pretty much like it’s your birthday every month, which is basically everyone’s dream, right? Each Little & Luxe box contains up to six luxury items and you can choose a plan that fits you—monthly, three-month, six-month and year-long subscriptions are available.


Finally, a subscription box that fits the uni budget! Kimera is designed for students, by students and contains up to ten assorted items each month. This box is all about convenience and affordability and could have anything from food, drinks, stationery, games, cosmetics and more.


If you’ve always wanted to be one of those healthy, grown up people who takes their vitamins but find it just a little bit too hard, never fear! Wondermins takes you a step closer to that goal by delivering personalised, daily vitamin packs directly to you. The Wondermins Prescription Engine takes into account factors such as age, sex, nutrition, your health goals and what vitamins do/don’t work well together to deliver you with the perfect dose. You can add or remove any vitamins as you see fit and retake the test should your needs change. The monthly delivery of personalised vitamins makes keeping healthy that much easier and cheaper, so you’ve got no excuse! With flu season coming up, now is the perfect time to get on board.

Good Grazing Snack Box

Who doesn’t love a good snack? Good Grazing Snack Boxes will haul you out of your food rut by providing you with new and exciting products to try. With several options of snack boxes available, you’re sure to find one that you’ll love. Good Grazing has a strong focus on natural and local products, which makes justifying that late night nibble so much easier. You can pick how often they’re delivered, so if you’re a serial snacker (guilty!) you’ll get a fresh supply as freuqently as you need it.

My Chocolate Box

I don’t know about you, but monthly deliveries of chocolates sound like my idea of heaven. Make your dreams a reality with My Chocolate Box, a subscriptions box where Auckland chocolatiers handpick nine selections of New Zealand’s best chocolate flavours for you to enjoy.

The Cheeseclub

If you’re a cheeselover, you should definitely look into joining The Cheeseclub, a subscription service that delivers a seasonal selection of cheeses to your door on a monthly or two monthly basis. Choose from the Entertainer, which contains at least a kilogram of cheese as well as accompaniments, or the Everyday Gourmet with 650 grams of cheese, or get your own, personalised box with the Tailored Collection.

subscription boxes

I Am Co.

If you’re into all things ethical, local and sustainable, I Am Co. is the box for you. Each box contains up to 10 items and is focused around health foods and natural beauty products. The team behind I Am Co. hand picks every piece that goes into your box to make sure that you’ll be stoked with them all. Strict criteria determines what goes into each delivery and all products must fit at least two of the following categories: additive and preservative free, GMO free, refined sugar free, gluten free, vegan, paleo and locally sourced. You can feel good about spoiling yourself every month, the team at I Am CO. firmly believe you deserve it!

NZ Dog Box

It’s all well and good doing nice things for yourself, but what about those who are really doing the hard yards? The ones who are the backbone of the family, who the household would fall apart without? What about your pets? NZ Dog Box reckons they deserve some regular treats too. Sign up to their subscription service for monthly deliveries of natural dog treats and premium products carefully picked for your pooch to make sure that you’re not the one who ends up in the dog house.

Image Credit: I Am Co., Bellabox

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