Add These 8 Conscious Alternatives For Lockdown Essentials To Your Cart, Stat

By Caitlin Veale
24th Aug 2020

The sustainability sphere is a rapidly evolving one, and alternatives are cropping up for everyday items left, right and centre. From using organic cleaning spray to drinking carbon-zero beer, read on for some greener versions of lockdown essentials you’ll want in your virtual cart. 

Here are eight lockdown essentials we can’t live without so you can help the planet from your living room.

Smart Ass 

Given that we all want to seem to hoard toilet paper this seemed like a good place to start. Instead of flushing carbon dioxide absorbing trees down the toilet, this tree-free toilet paper is made from bagasse (a waste product from sugarcane) and fast-growing bamboo. Smart Ass have considered things like soil impact, bleach, and inks so you know you really are doing Mother Earth a favour when you avoid the supermarket queues and get your stash from this carbon zero company.     

Second Nature Botanicals

Yes there’s therapeutic sourdough making, but cranking 90’s throwbacks and getting stuck into a good cleaning session can make the house a much nicer place to be spending your time. Doesn’t a clean kitchen just feel different? This organic cleaning spray that comes in  glass bottles is completely natural and handmade at The Mount, with all the goodness of manuka and citrus properties going straight into the bottle in oils. No synthetic fragrances here. If cooking really is just a chore then use it to clean up the grub post-comfort food.    

Little Mango  

We may have let our PJs blend into daytime attire, but we are still wearing deodorant. If you happen to run out, then glass jars of Little Mango deodorants are a good way to go. Cruelty free, made in NZ with natural ingredients and shipped in sustainable packaging, the citrus and cedarwood is a nice unisex smell so you can share it around with anyone else in your bubble who may also be rocking PJs.


Washing your hair is a nice little way to remind yourself that one day soon you’ll be out in public again, and thankfully it doesn’t have to cost the earth. Ethique has changed the showering game with solid shampoo and conditioner bars, free of palm oil and pesky plastic bottles. Starting out with humble roots from a kitchen in Christchurch, Ethique now sells internationally and is set to become not just carbon neutral, but climate positive. Enjoy your next lather up!   

Bennetto Chocolate

Whilst toilet paper and flour have typically been flying off the shelves, chocolate is definitely on our lockdown essentials list. Bennetto is the gift that keeps on giving, with chocolate that is vegan, Fairtrade, carbon neutral and organic. The flavour range is absolutely scrummy and we aren’t surprised that this Kiwi business has nabbed a fine foods award (among others). We’re also loving the birds dressed in their Sunday best on the packaging, drawn by a local artist.

The Fermentist

There’s been a growing movement towards vegan and sustainably-certified wine, so we thought we’d check out what’s happening in the beer world. We weren’t disappointed, as The Fermentist have released NZ’s first carbon zero beer, their Kiwi Pale Ale. They’ve since been certified for all their beer and cider meaning they take responsibility every step of the way no matter your drink of choice.


Boost your immune system with the freshest produce in town direct from small-scale farmers with an organic fruit and veg box. Done by region, their produce doesn’t get shipped around the country or sit in warehouses, and they’re committed to their packaging and paying farmers fairly. If you’re in Auckland or Waikato you can also get a delivery of meat and dairy products, as well as some pantry staples. You might not be able to get to your local farmers' market at the moment, but you can sit back and let some top-notch groceries come to you!

Otis Oat Milk  

If you’re out supporting your sanity and your local cafes (according to your area’s restrictions) with a coffee, then check out this list to find cafes near you where you can sip on NZ’s first homegrown oat milk. Using less water than almond milk and less land than dairy, you can support this New Zealand business while they work on sustainable packaging solutions and eventually land on supermarket shelves. 

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Image credit: Smart Ass  

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