The 17 Types Of Flatmates You’ll Meet

By Martha Brooke
17th Oct 2016

The 17 Types Of Flatmates You'll Meet

Unfortunately flatting is never always rainbows, friendships and tidy living spaces. Sometimes, you share spaces with people who have no idea what a vacuum is and think that what's yours is theirs. It’s something that most people have to go through in their lifetime (and for a longer period these days) and for most, is a learning experience in itself.

And, because life, it seems to bring out the best (or worst) in some people, as well as a fair few generalisations. We here at The Urban List can relate to your misery, and so have lumped flatmates into 17 different and distinct categories. Get ready for a whole lotta finger pointing and relatable-ness.

And, if you can’t relate to anyone on this list, chances are, you’re one of them.

  1. The one who eats everything and anything that isn’t theirs. ‘Oh please, help yourself Simon, I didn’t want any of my own birthday cake!’
  2. The one who doesn’t know how to clean up after themselves. Lesson 101: How to put away dishes. Lesson 102: How to not kill your messy flatmate!
  3. The one who leaves things to ‘soak’. The lazy persons guide to pretending to be clean.
  4. The one who isn’t shy in the bedroom. Cue earplugs and dry retching.
  5. The one who leaves their washing out to ‘dry’ for about three weeks. ‘Battling through clothes horses’ should be a skill on our resumé.
  6. The one who’s bf/gf stays all the time and doesn’t pay rent. No matter how much we like you Kevin, we are not a charity!
  7. The one who is ‘always right’ and has an opinion on everything. And of course, only their opinion counts, duh.
  8. The one that is a total handyman. Broken shelf? No problem. Faulty appliance? Easy peasy. This is one to keep hold of for as long as possible!
  9. The one who parties all the damn time. 11pm on a Wednesday night is DJ dimwit’s slot for shit beats and angry flatties.
  10. The one who never leaves their room. Were they just a figure of your imagination? Who knows…
  11. The one that is completely at one with their naked form and doesn’t care who sees. Unless you’re David Beckham, put some clothes on!
  12. The one who is an experimental chef. Anything described as ‘surprise’ should have you running for the hills.
  13. The one who thinks that money grows on trees. Twenty-minute showers are a sure fire way to piss off the entire house. Remember that!
  14. The one who leaves everything lying around. Like a destructive whirlwind of clothes, bags and shoes, their possessions are around every corner and in every crevice.
  15. The one who is a complete social butterfly. Cue red face and awkward expression when you can’t remember their 150th friend’s name.
  16. The one who’s hair gets everywhere. A whole lotta eww’s, urghh’s and contemplating whether or not they are in fact a bear.
  17. The one who may as well work for noise control. No matter how quietly you chew, they’ll hear it and ask you to turn it down.

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Image credit: Student World Online via Twitter

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