The 20 Dos And Don’ts Of Dating According To First Dates Australia

By Natasha Van Der Laan
26th Apr 2016

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‘Tis the season for dating shows! We’ve got The Bachelor NZ, Married At First Sight and, if that wasn’t enough, we’ve just been gifted First Dates Australia—how lucky are we?! All our Christmases have come at once!  

The new dating show follows Aussie singletons as they head out on blind dates—awkward much? As we watch from the comfort of our couch, we witness the night unfold as the couples share a meal together. Mathematically speaking, the dates are 90 per cent cringe and 10 per cent adorable. 

There’s a lot to be learnt from First Dates Australia. And, in case you forgot to take notes, we took some for you! Here are the 20 dos and don’ts of dating according to TV2’s hot new show. Commit these to memory for your next Tinder encounter.

1. Stay cool, calm and collected at all times. Nicholas, we’re looking at you.

2. Don’t order a shot of tequila while you wait for your date.

3. Or, if you do, be sure to knock it back before they show up.

4. According to Chris, it’s apparently okay to wear sneakers with your suit. Apparently.

5. Don’t offer your date a drink by saying, “We’re going to spend a little bit of time together. Let’s get lubricated”. Ew.

6. Never ever EVER forget your date’s name. Nicholas, we’re looking at you (again).

7. Don’t do a Chris and stare out your date. That’s just creepy. 

8. If things get too overwhelming, escape to the bathroom to refocus. 

9. Have your bestie on speed-dial in case you need help with a quirky pick-up line.

10. Make sure you time said pick-up line well. Ie. Not when Waiter Terry is clearing your table. C’mon Nicholas!

11. Don’t be like Victoria and make a big deal out of butter.

12. Don’t make a big deal out of butter ESPECIALLY if you’re gonna follow it with a generous serve of chocolate pudding. 

13. If there’s no spark, there’s no spark. Don’t force things.

14. Compliments go a long way but don’t overdo it. Cough Nicholas cough. 

15. Don’t tell your date you’re not crazy over and over again—they’ll start to think you ARE crazy. 

16. It’s important to recognise whether you and your date are on the same page or not. 

17. Do offer to pay—or at least split—the bill. 

18. Take a page out of Tom’s book and make your date feel like a princess. Pull out her chair, take her hand and cover the bill. 

19. Don’t feel defeated if you’re denied a second date. There are plenty more fish in the sea, folks!

20. Don’t be a creep.

P.S. If you were watching thinking ‘I wanna be on this show!’, guess what? You can! Uh hah, First Dates in coming to New Zealand and they’re looking for single pringles to volunteer as tribute. Sound like a bit of you? Sign up here

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Image credit: First Dates Australia 

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