The 20 Highlights From Britomart Fashion Sessions

By Natasha Van Der Laan
29th Feb 2016

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The show’s over, folks! After three days of fashion and fun, the Britomart Fashion Sessions have come to an end. And, as incredible as the sessions were, we’re kinda relieved things are over—our lengthy wish lists are causing havoc with our bank accounts. Because we had such a great time, we’ve rounded up the best things that went down across the five shows. Here are the 20 highlights from Britomart Fashion Sessions. 

1. Thursday night’s show stopping traffic in the name of fashion. Tyler Street might just be the coolest runway everrr.

2. The mid-calf length skirts from Kate Sylvester (particularly the pleated leather-look one). 

3. Zambesi proving real men wear purple. 

4. WORLD’s crazy cool make-up. The models had vivid pops of colour sweeping across their cheeks and into their hair—complete with purple eyebrows. 

5. The ‘mueck’ top from WORLD. We’ve already assigned space in our wardrobes for the pleated silk satin cape.

6. WORLD’s final look showcasing a voluminous feather boa. We have nooo idea where we’d wear such a thing but it looked totally badass on the runway. 

7. Dining at Ebisu after Thursday night’s show and seeing not only Kate Sylvester herself but also WORLD’s Denise L’Estrange-Corbet and Francis Hooper. New Zealand, we love how small you are.

8. Discovering the Atrium on Takutai is not only a cool place to shop, but also the perfect setting for a fashion show.

9. Trelise Cooper’s models fearlessly conquering two flights of stairs in six-inch heels. You go, girlfriend! 

10. The fun prints in Trelise’s collection. We can't wait to wear garments covered in puppies, wild flowers and swans. Ca-ute!  

11. Let’s be honest, we loved everything from Trelise. 

12. The same goes for Juliette Hogan’s collection. So pretty, so wearable. Please send the entire range C/O Natasha van der Laan at The Urban List.

13. MOR’s marshmallow hand cream in the goodie bags. It literally smells like happiness.

14. The goodie bags in general. Hello chocolate, coffee and cider! 

15. Vicki Taylor’s pre-show speech about supporting the local New Zealand manufacturing industry. All of Taylor’s garments are designed and made in this lil country of ours #proud. 

16. Getting all excited for winter coats, woollen scarfs and flared trousers after Taylor’s show.

17. The floral prints from Ted Baker.

18. Drinking champagne on Seafarers’ rooftop bar before the Kathryn Wilson show. So fancy.

19. Counting down the days until it’s cold enough to wear Kathyn’s winter boots. We want need them all.

20. Finally coming to terms with the fact winter's on its merry way thanks to all the new-season threads. Summer, be gone!

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Image credit: Warren Nicholson

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