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The A-Z Guide To Auckland

By Olivia Atkinson
22nd Mar 2016

How To Make The Most Of Summer In Auckland

Auckland, we love ya. We pretty much sing your praises 24/7, letting all your citizens know about your best hidden gems, dishes and activities. However, with so much to do in this fine, fine city, it’s getting tough to keep track of the best of the best.  

That’s where this curated A-Z guide of Auckland might come in handy. 

Whether you’re after the ultimate everything in Auckland or just looking for some exciting excursions, these things are sure to keep you full, busy and happy as Larry.  

A: Dig out the stretchy pants and dine at Auckland’s all-you-can-eat restaurants

B: Bars and burgers are two essentials for a cracking night out. 

C: But have you tried the city’s best chocolate, cake and cheesecake creations?

D: Or go the extra step at get amongst the best deep fried everything.

E: Events here, events there! You’ll never run out of things to do.  

F: Spent all your moolah on food? Kick boredom with these free activities.

G: If you’re yet to try Giapo, hop to it! 

H: Enjoy a civilised high tea before downing a few hardshakes.  

I: Put your grammin’ skills to the test and snap Auckland’s most Instagrammed foods.

J: Sip away on juice at some of these cafes. 

K: Own a couple of sprogs? Keep them entertained with these things to do with kids.  

L: Get your lunch delivered or pop out for a looong, boozy lunch

M: Hit up Auckland’s best night markets or weekend markets

N: Stay up past your bedtime and work through 20 things to do at night.  

O: Sneak in an ocean workout, slurp some oysters or dine at these outdoor eating spots.

P: Poutine, pies and peanut butter representing the letter P in the most delicious way. 

Q: Rally up the troops and partake in one of Auckland’s quiz nights

R: Truly impress boo and up your romantic game.  

S: Secrets? We have many. Shhhh.

T: Eat from these trucking awesome food trucks.

U: U, yes you. Here’s some epic things to do. 

V: Embrace the #veganlife

W: DO go chasing waterfalls

X: Indulge in dumplings and cocktails at Xuxu

Y: These yoga studios will make you flexi and zen in no time. 

Z: We’re goin’ to the Zoo. How about you? 

Can’t get enough of this city? Make sure you’ve ticked off all these things

Image credit: Proud To Play

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