Where To Find Auckland’s Best Food Delivery

By Urban List Writers
14th Jul 2017

Let’s face it, cooking really can suck—whether you’ve finished work for the day, or simply can’t be bothered whipping up breakfast for you and the fam, cooking can most certainly have its woes.

Well, never fear Aucklanders—we’ve got you covered! Delve into the depths of Auckland’s best food delivery services to date. Some of Auckland’s finest food destinations have teamed up with the glory of delivery—heaven really is a place on earth.

So, if you are down, order some of what Auckland’s best food avenues have on offer—delivered right to your door step. You’ll thank us later…

Jess’s Underground Kitchen

Herne Bay, Remuera

It’s one of those days—you wake up, not feeling flawless, and you simply cannot bring yourself to move. We have a solution for you—order in from the comfort of your bed and await some healthy goodness from Jess’ Underground Kitchen.

Whether you wake up craving a fresh and creamy kumara and pumpkin soup, or want a little something to store in the freezer for later on—JUK have got you covered. Trust us when we say you will definitely be saving your card details to this heavenly service.

So, the next time you’re having one of those mornings that we are all too familiar, hit up Jess’ Underground Kitchen—you won’t regret it.

Wok Express

Parnell, Kingsland, Ponsonby

If you’re craving a healthy stir-fry but can’t be bothered with the admin of making your own, call on Wok Express.The Asian takeaway business prides itself on serving up nothing but the best—we’re talking fresh veges, free-range chicken, handmade sauces and no MSG in sight. They have vegetarian and gluten-free options and they cook some of their stir-fries with coconut oil—even better, there are dishes cooked with no oil at all!

Tucks and Bao


Friday nights call for dinner parties and we won’t judge you if you simply cannot be bothered cooking for your guests. Plus, you may not be Masterchef material either…Call Tucks and Bao your guardian angel because they’ll hook you up with some of Asia’s finest cuisine.

Bao is hands down one of Asia’s most mouth-watering delicacies, why wouldn’t you want to serve that goodness up right on your dinner table. Fancy a little something else? Perhaps order in a good ole’ pad Thai, accompanied by some spicy chicken wings for all of those who love to test your taste buds.

The next time you hear a knock at the door, best believe it—Tucks and Bao are here to save the day. And we won’t tell your guests you didn’t cook…we promise.

Big Fish Eatery


Currently delivering to the lucky people of Penrose, Ellerslie, One Tree Hull, Onehunga and Greenlane, Big Fish Eatery don’t charge for delivery to any of these places. Yup, you heard us, free delivery! You can have their authentic and bold Asian-flavoured dishes delivered to your home or office for a lunchtime period, or from Tuesday—Saturday, make an order for a home delivery for dinner. With the likes of sushi, sashimi, bao’s, sharing plates, noodle and rice dishes, such as honey soy salmon and lemongrass and ginger chicken on offer, we might just hold out for both lunch and dinner!

Al’s Deli

CBD, Kingsland

Bae’s coming over for that prolonged ‘Netflix and chill’ session which means movie treats are mandatory in this case. You don’t wanna leave them waiting so you decide to order in, but where? We’ve got the answer for you—Al’s Deli.

For those few of you who are lucky enough to live right in the heart of Auckland, Al’s Deli are sure to bless you any day of the week with some of America’s finest foods. Delivering only within the CBD and outwards depending on how busy they are—Al’s Deli got chu.

Whether you’ll be binging the OITNB season, or not really paying attention to Netflix at all, your attention will be totally set on what this Deli has on offer. Ribs, poutine and cheesecake galore—your bae will be left completely satisfied (hopefully in more ways than one).

Get amongst it.

Toto’s Pizza


It’s your turn to suss the staff lunch spread and you completely forgot—inhale, exhale, etc. because Toto’s Pizza have got you totally sussed. Their metre-long pizzas will have your colleagues completely and utterly satisfied.

Margherita pizza is always a classic, but why not venture onto new things—because 2017 is totally the year for that shit. Anything containing pork fennel sausage or prawns is sure to seal the deal, maybe even order in a little side of tiramisu to lock in that employee of the month position.

Toto’s Pizza sure do have you covered—you may not be in Italy, but Italy will be brought to you and you won’t second guess it.

Oh Calcutta


Sometimes all you crave is a good curry, however, a true taste of India can be hard to come by. You can now stop your searching as Oh Calcutta certainly know a thing or two about authentic flavour and spice combos, as they continue to serve up some of Auckland’s best Indian food to this day. Order up a feast, gather your friends and enjoy your own Indian feast in the comfort of your own home. Pass the bhaji!

Pok Pok


Not only is good Thai food hard to find, but it’s almost impossible to nail from the comfort of your own kitchen—unless of course you are deemed NZ’s Masterchef  2017.

Pok Pok will look after you with some of Auckland’s finest Thai cuisine delivered right to your door—talk about a win-win situation. Whether you’re in need of a trusty pad Thai, or wanting something like crispy spring rolls, Pok Pok are sure to please.

Tired of cooking dinner for the fam? Give Pok Pok a call, like right now—you’re sure to win Parent of the Year with this kind of takeaway.

Bluebells Cakery

Hillsborough, Eden Terrace

For those of you with a sweet tooth, and who also try to avoid leaving the house as much as possible, let the dessert come to you by ordering in from Bluebells Cakery.

Whether it is cupcakes you’re craving, or perhaps a slice of cheesecake, Bluebells are totally your go-to. We mean, deliciousness, accompanied by a beautiful aesthetic, and delivered right to your door—what more could you want? Even a perfect Gram opportunity! Talk about multi-tasking right from the comfort of your living room.

Patisserie Vaniye


If you’re craving the cakes and pining for the pastries, Patisserie Vaniye have got your back. Delivering tarts and cakes, show-stopping desserts, perfect macarons, petit fours and a range of croissants and savoury lunch items, we want it all; now. Perfect for parties, special occasions or just when you want to indulge on some expertly, baked goods. Bon Appetite!



Doughnuts delivered to your door, three words—what the f***! We know it’s 2017 but this just too much.

Doughnuts are a total score and you won’t even need to leave your desk while slaving away—they’re brought right to your door, which is pretty damn awesome. You’re spoilt for choice while some of the finest doughnuts in Auckland are up for grabs.

Doornuts are the bomb. Rocky Road, Maple Bacon and Lemon Meringue are just a few of what they have on offer. Get to it, you’ll see what all the fuss is about.

Eat My Lunch

Mt Eden

Have your lunch and make the world a better place with Eat My Lunch. The concept is simple: for every lunch you buy, the good guys at Eat My Lunch will also deliver another lunch to a Kiwi kid who can't afford their own. So, not only are you doing some good, but you also get a healthy, fresh lunch delivered—it’s a win win!

Pizzeria Rosso Pomodoro

Grey Lynn

There’s no better sound than the anticipated knock of the pizza deliveryman at your front door. And when you hear Pizzeria Rosso Pomodoro turn up with your classic Italian wood fire pizza, you’ll be at the door in a heartbeat. We love their prosciutto e porcini pizza topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella, ham and porcini mushrooms. Save room for dessert because they make the best tiramisu in town. 

East Noodle Bar


Needing a noodle fix but too tired to traipse down to your local? No need, as East Noodle Bar delivers delicious Asian dishes to your front door. Their user-friendly website lets you customise your order right down to what type of noodles you want—udon, ramen, shanghai or hokkien. They also have an extensive sides menu with edamame beans, pork dim sim dumplings and steamed buns all available for the taking. This is a great food delivery service in Auckland.

Sweet As

North Shore

SweetAs is the first dessert delivery concept to hit NZ and it goes a lil’ something like this: they bake delights such as Oreo, Tim Tam and New York cheesecake, and peanut butter and choc brownies daily before delivering to sweet craving citizens after 6pm (when most cafes have closed their doors!). SweetAs deliver by the slice and will be at your door within a speedy 45 minutes. Better yet, they whip up old-school thickshakes and milkshakes to wash it all down.


As if Uber itself wasn’t enough to grace the streets of Auckland—we now have UberEats to save us from trouble, unfortunately for you North Shore peeps you’ll have to wait a little while longer.

Nothing feels better than not having to cook, or in fact drive to pick up your food so we thank the Uber gods that this is actually a thing. Wanting to test your vegan taste buds? Try out Lord Of The Fries! Feeling like something a little greasier? Burger Boy have got you covered. In need of a little raw, organic pick-me-up, Little Bird and The Raw Kitchen are also up for grabs.

UberEats, you truly are a blessing in disguise.

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