The Fashion Lover’s Guide To Smart Shopping

By Tennille Ziegler
3rd Oct 2016

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Have you ever looked into your spending habits and really thought about how much you’re spending on new clothes? Fast fashion consumerism is a thing—we’ve all been sucked into it before, giving into the urge of buying the latest and greatest item that’s on trend, only to be over it after a month. We’re also guilty of spending a full week’s paycheck on something we absolutely must have or WE WILL DIE. 

And so, to help you save your pennies so you can splurge on a summer holiday, or at least afford Christmas presents for your family, we’ve got some tips for some seriously smart shopping. Instead of jumping on the bandwagon and purchasing the latest trend of the season, invest in thought-out, signature pieces that you can keep wearing season after season. 

Here are our tips on how to save money when you shop. 

Start With Needs

What do you need? Really look at your wardrobe and think about key staples that you don’t have. This will form the basics of your wardrobe needs. Key staples include: work necessities, casual weekend attire, evening events and a great pair of jeans. Write them down and then start doing research. 

Research, Research, Research

The key to being a smart shopper is to call it quits on your impulse buying obsession. Take the time to do proper research on what it is you’re looking for. Sometimes an item you are looking for may not be available yet, so give it time— you may even have to wait until next season. Shop around, check out all your favourite brands, stalk your Instagram feed and ask friends where they love to shop. Once you have a list of what you want to try on you can hit the shops. 

Try But Don’t Buy

This may sound a little weird, but trust us it really works. To follow this tip you need to 1. Not get sucked into the sales assistant’s pitch, and 2. Get them to physically check the stock levels if you really want it. 

It’s easy to purchase something when the sales assistant swears ‘you look amazing’ and ‘it’s the best thing I’ve seen on someone all day’. Stand your ground and know your personal style. Even if you find something you love you still need to leave the store empty handed. Whether it’s going for a coffee, leaving it overnight or even a week, once you’ve left and cleared your head you can make a better decision. If it’s still on your mind a week later, buy it. 

Make Rules

Before you set foot into the shops, make a few rules with yourself on what you are allowed to buy. We try (sometimes fail) to abide by the rule of: think of three before you spree. Before you say yes to the purchase you need to think of three outfits that you have at home (or are about to be) that you would wear that outfit with. Think of three excursions that you do on the reg that would be suitable to wear this item. If you can think of three, then you get the big tick to spree. 

Set A Budget

We know how it feels when you get a little bit excited about your spree and end up spending more than you should have. Set yourself a budget before you go shopping so you know your limit. 

And, if there are items that you need but are a little over the budget, then lay-by! Not many people use this method of shopping these days but it’s a great way to ensure you still love that item six weeks later…

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