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Up The Ante With The Most Romantic Things To Do In Auckland At Night

By Olivia Atkinson
14th Feb 2020

The Most Romantic Things To Do In Auckland At Night

Why hello there. If you clicked on this article it’s rather likely that you’re looking to turn on the romance. Great. We can help with that. 

As a city, Auckland can do romance. It’s home to some truly lovey dovey date nights designed to woo that particular special person in your life. Of course, some date nights are better than others. We’re not sure about you guys, but laser tag and a pub feed doesn’t exactly scream ‘romance’. And with that in mind, we’ve found the most romantic things to do in Auckland at night. Let the lovin’ begin.

Bespoke Cocktails At A Hidden Bar 

Picture this: cosy speakeasy vibes, comfy armchairs, cruisy music and a cocktail shaken up to include your choice of booze and flavours. Oh, and a special someone sitting opposite you, gushing at how much of a perfect Auckland date night spot it is. We’re talking about Caretaker, ladies and gentlemen. This hidden bar (hint: it’s down a staircase down Roukai Lane) oozes romantic evening feels and will let you impress your date by choosing their perfect cocktail ingredients. Let’s hope you don’t stuff that one up…

Take Off Your Clothes And Reeelax 

No hanky panky yet, thank you! Weekdays are hectic and weekday dating is even more so. You’re trying to absorb what your date is saying, look cute and keep the wit level at a high but you’d just rather be curled up in bed with a brown rice stir fry (weekdays are not cheat days, duh) and a gripping British drama series. How about you cut out the energy-draining conversations and partake in a cheeky couple's massage instead? Trust us, you’ll be oh-so relaxed and your date will be too blissed out to worry that you haven’t discussed the future yet.

Take Off Your Clothes And Reeelax | Version Two

Unless you’re really (like, really) into this person, it’s probably best to skip this extra. But, if you’ve caught actual feels, been seeing them for a while or—gasp—even love them, we know it’s going to score you some serious brownie points. Pair a couple's massage with a night at a hotel, room service bubbly and a cheese board (because what spells ‘I like you’ more than a surprise selection of cheese?), and let the praise, adoration and appreciation rain on down. 

Late-Night Pie And Poutine 

This date is the dream. THE dream, people. Banoffee pie, craft beer, reasonably priced vino, and fries, gravy and cheese cure = a foodie’s date concept sent from the heavens. The Fed provides all this, plus on Saturday, there’s live entertainment from 11pm. What more could a Auckland lad or lass aiming to woo their date want?

Mulled Wine, A Lover’s Embrace & The Night Sky 

Aka. the most romantic thing to do in Auckland at night. Or at least one of them anyway. There’s something magical about the stars twinkling, the crispy evening air and the warmth of your date stopping you from getting hypothermia. We’ve found the best places to stargaze in Auckland. All you need to do is not forget the mulled wine (or hot choccy) flask. 

Call In A Classic 

Dinner and a show, dinner and a movie, dinner and a double scoop ice cream. The tried and true dinner and *something else* combo always works like a treat. For the warmer months, opt for a night market and outdoor cinema, and once winter rolls around, a cosy wine bar and art deco cinema is a guaranteed winner. You got this.

Sleep Under The Stars 

If you’re one with nature, don’t feel pressured to conform to swanky (and expensive dinners) or lavish surprises. Sometimes, it’s best to go back to basics. Dust off the tent, pack the snacks and head to one of these stellar camping spots in and around Auckland. It will make for a whimsical, free-spirited kinda date and there’s minimal chance of awkwardly running into anyone you know. Just maybe make sure your date is into camping before you pitch the idea. 

Or Stroll Under Them

There’s something romantic about a post-dinner stroll. Wander along the Auckland waterfront hand in hand (with, perhaps, an ice cream in the other), taking in the happenings, bobbing boats, glistening water and city lights as you go. 

If you're looking to splash some cash, here are Auckland's most romantic restaurants.

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