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The New Lewis Road Flavour Has Landed

By Aakansha Chaudhary
19th Sep 2016

Lewis Road Creamery strawberry

The sun is coming out to play, and to celebrate that sweet taste of summer, Lewis Road Creamery, has bought out two new products!

We’re big fans of the Lewis Road Creamery’s offerings for a while now—pretty much since the release of their much-hyped (but totally worth the wait) original chocolate milk which we spent weeks on end searching for.

If you follow the new Lewis Road Creamery flavors religiously, then you’ll recall the highly anticipated release of their vanilla, coffee and caramel flavors. And earlier this year they gave us a little one-day-only teaser which they have (thankfully) decided to official launch. Yep, Lewis Road is gracing us dairy lovers with their #1 most requested flavor…STRAWBERRY!

Not only were we super-stoked for the Strawberry Flavored Milk but then more good news followed! The much-loved Strawberry Flavored Ice Cream, is also making a come back! Yes, we too internally screamed.

Staying true to being the finest quality and using raw ingredients, Lewis Road has collaborated with OOB (Omaha Organic Berries) to source their strawberries, so you know your body will be thanking you as you devour the goodness—and, it keeps it 100% Kiwi! The much-loved Premium Ice Cream is also nothing short of amazing. It’s made the old-fashioned way—where whole cream is churned with milk, eggs and real, local strawberries for that super creamy texture and amazing flavor that Lewis Road is famous for.

Both products drop alongside one another from today, so best you find an excuse to leave the office quick-smart and go and buy some!


What: Lewis Road Creamery Strawberry flavour release

Where: In stores nationwide

When: Monday 19th, September

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