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Dive Into 5 Epic Nights Out In Auckland (That Don’t Involve Clubbing)

By Verity Johnson
14th Dec 2020

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Let’s be real, clubbing in Auckland can be hit and miss at the best of times. You never know if it’s actually going to be busy, not everyone likes it, and sometimes you want to, you know, talk to your friends on a night out… So keep the entire squad happy with an epic night out this summer that doesn’t involve watered down tequila shots and 18 year olds on their first night out.

Whether you want to laugh, dance, or have deep and meaningfuls while eating waffles... Auckland has a secret smorgasbord of stellar nights out this summer for you to devour.

Club Burlesque

Need a heart racing, booty shaking night out with the girls? Run away to this champagne soaked burlesque AND boylesque show, Club Burlesque. This pop up cabaret club is running Friday nights in December, and its uncorking all the frothy, festive thrills you need for an epic Christmas blowout. It’s a high octane blend of burlesque and boylesque, with the glamour of Moulin Rouge and the heart pumping smoulder of Magic Mike. Think glamorous girls, beautiful boys, and a burlesque show that’ll have you shimmying till the wee hours. It’s the wild girls night out you need to make up for all the birthdays we missed this year.


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Snort Comedy

This is the place where NZ’s funniest, most famous comedians cut (and continue to sharpen) their comedy teeth in a late night, no holds barred laugh fest. Snort Comedy's raw, it’s ribald, and it’s a ridiculously funny night out. Great for when you want to wear jeans and sneakers on a date, Snort is a 90 minute improv comedy show devised right there on the spot by some of NZ’s funniest people. It stars the likes of Laura Daniels, Chris Parker and Rose Matafeo, and is held in the effortlessly hip Basement theatre on Friday nights.

Caluzzi Cabaret

This long running drag and dinner cabaret show has been serving up sass-n-sequins for years now. Caluzzi Cabaret is owned by local drag royalty, and stars of NZ’s House of Drag, Kita Mean and Anita Wigl’it, and have hosted hundreds of heavily hairsprayed epic nights out. They have weekly shows throughout summer, which are a hilarious, high octane romp through a three course dinner and drag show. They’ve got enough mainstream appeal to make everyone laugh—and raucous charm to make you spit your bubbles—so they’re perfect for when you’ve got a big mixed group.

Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq

Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq takes the best parts of being a kid (helloooo dodgems) and serves them up to adults with a side of nostalgic, adult fun. The best part about this big circus-and-cocktails hang out is that you can craft the night out you need. If you want a fun, big group ice breaker, there’s bowling and arcade games. If you want to unleash your inner child, while enjoying the best of being an adult, there’s the unbeatable combo of dodgems and cocktails. Or if you all just wanna chill and take cute pics, not only is the whole menu insta-worthy but there’s also a carousel to pose on! It’ll all look bangin’ on the Gram...

Auckland Night Markets

What we love about these foodie havens is that they make you feel like you could be anywhere in the world... but you don’t have to leave Auckland! Since starting in Pakuranga in 2010, the Auckland Night Markets have spread all over town to run and run on almost every night of the week. So whatever the night, whatever the weather, they’re a guaranteed tastebud tour de force. It’s a brilliant first date night option in summer. There’s plenty of things to do, taste and try (no awkward small talk for you!) it’s both fun yet casual (no stressing over your outfit) and it’s also not going to break the bank (you can spend a whole evening off a handful of gold coins.)

Be a legend and plan for a recovery brunch at one of Auckland's best breakfast spots.

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