Three’s A Trend: Build-Your-Own Menu

By Natasha Van Der Laan
15th Aug 2016

Three's A Trend: Build-Your-Own-Menu

Ever dreamt of being a chef but can’t commit to the long hours and hard work? Yup, we totally understand—and so do some of Auckland’s finest eateries! Much to the delight of our inner-chefs, build-your-own menus are popping up all around the city. Whether you’re a fusspot or just like having things your way, these three Auckland eateries will let you be the master of your meal. 

Bedford Soda & Liquor                                                                    


This Ponsonby watering hole pioneered the whole ‘build-you-own thing’ in Auckland-town—and we’re glad they did! This much-loved bar hand you a marker pen and laminated menu and then it’s up to you to design your meal. Bedford Soda & Liquor’s signature dish is their organic, free-range meatballs. Choose between beef, chicken, pork, buffalo or vegetarian (crumbed pumpkin FYI) topped with your choice of sauce. You can opt to have ‘em served in a baguette sub or with the likes of spaghetti, polenta or risotto. Oh, and their sliders and tater tots are equally amazing.

Scarlett Slimms & Lucky

Mount Eden

The world is your oyster at Mount Eden eatery Scarlett Slimms & Lucky. Their create-your-own menu lets you have things just the way you like them. Choose your meat (there’s also vege-friendly options), accompaniments and sauce to create your perfect meal. The options are endless with meaty offerings of Bourbon scotch fillet, pork belly and jerk chicken thigh. As for the accompaniments, you’ll find jambalaya, gnocchi, bang bang prawns and Agria fries. If you’re feeling less than creative, they’ve got a chef’s recommendations menu to put you on the right track.

Balance Kitchen


Whether you’re shredding or bulking, Balance Kitchen’s build-your-own lunch menu will bring you much delight. First things first, choose your protein (chicken, beef or salmon) and then bulk up your meal up with carbs, veges and sauce. Your options include kumara, couscous, quinoa, kale and broccoli. The interactive menu also breaks down the nutrient-content so you know exactly how many calories you’re consuming and how many grams are protein, fat and carbs. Wash down with a protein shake (there’s four on offer) and you’ll be reaching new PBs at the gym in no time!

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Image credit: Bedford Soda & Liquor via Facebook

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