Three’s A Trend: Squid Ink

By Natasha Van Der Laan
8th Aug 2016

Lately we’re seeing more and more black, sticky, inky delights appearing on Auckland menus in the form of squid ink. They get the ink from two sources: the main ink sac in the body of the dead squid and small secondary deposits behind its eyes (eek!). While it took us awhile to get our heads around this trendy addition, we’re now totally on board with the squid ink trend—it tastes better than it sounds! Here are three of our fave inky dish.

MASU by Nic Watt

Auckland City

If you like your burgers black, then Federal Street’s MASU by Nic Watt is the place to be. While you won’t find this dish printed on the menu, all you need to do is ask for is the “Spider Sliders” and you’ll be served black burger buns coloured with squid ink. The delicious morsels are filled with soft shell crab and lashings of mayo. The crab claws creeping out of the sliders create a spider-like appearance—hence the name.

Depot Eatery

Auckland City

Just down the road, you’ll stumble upon Depot Eatery. They’re also bringing inky eats to Auckland with their squid ink linguine. This dish stars clams in a Cloudy Bay sauv blanc sauce that are topped with black hand-cut pasta—coloured by the ink, of course. If you love all things seafood (and wine!), this dish is not to be missed. It goes without saying that no trip to Depot is complete without an order of oysters!



Remuera newcomer Spacca is also on that squid ink bandwagon. Their spaghetti spacca nero is appropriately named considering ‘nero’ is Italian for ‘black’. Expect to be served a black pasta dish packed with prawns and squid rings. It packs a flavoursome punch for seafood lovers to get amongst. The dish is best enjoyed with one of their authentic Italian pizzas. Buon appetito!

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Image credit: Michael Bradley for MASU

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