Here’s How To Eat For Free For A Week With Tinder

By Ellen Seah
11th Mar 2016

tinder food stamps

I consider myself pretty savvy when it comes to saving money. From snooping around for the latest free food giveaway (because I'll 100% talk to a promo gal on the street if it means free chocolate bars), to eating out at strictly dumpling-only restaurants—I thought I was pretty on point with the whole student/budget/life gig.

Then I heard of Tinder Food Stamps... Have you guys heard of #tinderfoodstamps? It’s pretty much the most efficient, least honest way to eat free for a week that I’d heard of, ever. Thankfully I have no morals, so it's the perfect accompaniment to my 2 minute noodle-saturated student life, tbh.

According to this article by The Cut, sneaky chickens have been lining up Tinder dates for every night of the week, essentially eating free first-date foodz on repeat. And we all know that first-date food is the best of all the dates—because, in terms of quality, from there onwards it’s like sliding down Mount Everest, butt-first. You start at a $200 degustation and five years later you're hitting up the deluxe burgers at Maccas.

Of course, not all girls are implementing what I can only call the ultimate 21st century budgeting strategy. But to the ones that are? I’m torn...

On one hand, it’s like GOOD ON YOU GAL. You do you—and if others don’t like it, that’s their problem. On the other, you could really be stabbing someone’s heart out when they spot you out the next night with someone else, whilst slurping $35 spaghetti and chortling about how great the rosé is.

Taking into account the number of dull (freaking boring), strange (super creepy) and just plain incompatible guys on Tinder, I think (rather reluctantly) that I’ll stick to the $2 dumpling specials on Wednesday night. If you're keen to try Tinder Food Stamps IRL, please let us know how it all went... We'll be watching.

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