Level Up Your Level 2 With All The Latest TV You Should Be Watching Right Now

By Beau Johns
30th Apr 2020

The cast of HBO's new series Betty embrace each other standing in front of a wall.

Although you might have made a sizeable dent in Netflix’s offering over Alert Level 4 lockdown, there’s a ton of other streaming services available in NZ with more content you can shake a remote at. Not all TV is made equal, so we’ve trawled through Neon, TVNZ on Demand and Amazon Prime Video in search of the best of new TV so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the show. Aren’t we nice. 



The maxim ‘girls rule, boys drool’ takes on a life of its own on the streets on New York City, as this bad ass girl gang, The Skate Kitchen, are popping off and making the city their skate ground. Skateboarding has traditionally been a male-dominated field, but there is no rulebook on how to shred—so why has there ever been a bias towards chicks who skate? Following on from Nina Moran’s Ted Talk in 2017 and the 2018 film The Skate Kitchen which she starred in, her crew is doing ollies over egos and changing the culture of skateboarding to make it more inclusive and accessible for everyone. Stop living in the patriarchy and start lifting up the matriarchy with episodes coming from May 2.



Remember being younger and you’d make those pacts with people—“If we’re still single by X years old, we’ll get married?” Has anyone ever actually followed through? If it ever was to work out, this is the kind of thing you should expect. The standout star of Netflix’s Unbelievable Merritt Weaver stars alongside Domnhall Gleeson in this HBO romantic drama-dy about taking the plunge and leaving it all up to love. Executive-produced by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, a woman living a drab life drops everything when her college boyfriend asks her to fulfil the pact they made seventeen years ago. The question is, is it her who is running to be with him, or is it he who is running away from something? Take a chance on love, with new episodes streaming every Monday

Westworld S3


Even though there are literally six Jurassic Park movies which demonstrate why humans shouldn’t play god, it looks like mankind will never, ever learn. In the not-too-distant future, a cowboy themed park called Westworld exists where guests can enact their deepest, darkest desires on humanoid robots called hosts. The first two seasons saw the hosts gain consciousness and decide they’d had enough of our shit, busting out of the wild west to exact their revenge on mankind. To be honest, these particular humans probably had what’s coming, and we can’t wait to see how it turns out. Question the nature of your reality with new episodes streaming Mondays

What We Do In The Shadows S2 


In a renters climate like this, it’s really hard to find a flat mate who doesn’t suck. A reimagining of Taika Waititi’s film follows the night-to-night activities of vampires who’ve been living together for hundreds of years. Filmed documentary style, Nandor, Laszlo and Nadja live in Staten Island alongside their human familiar and have to deal with the hilarious, age-old intricacies which come with flatting—particularly one which comes with an energy vampire who lives in the basement. Their original intent was to take over the known world, but jumping forward to present day 2019, it seems things haven’t quite gone according to plan. Follow their night nightly adventures here, with new episodes every Thursday.  

Killing Eve S3

TVNZ on Demand

If you haven’t seen seasons one-to-two of Killing Eve, do yourself a favour and binge watch them here before carrying on with your life and this paragraph. Season two ended with Eve and Villanelle at a cross-roads in Rome, with Villanelle eventually shooting Eve and seemingly bringing the title of the show full circle. With Sandra Oh reprising her Emmy-nominated role as Eve Polastri for a third time, it seems like that moment turned out to be a pretty weak cliff-hanger. As Villanelle is a master assassin, it begs the question—what business does she have leaving Eve alive for? Was it out of love, or for something even more sinister… The cat and mouse dance across Europe continues, leaving a deadly trail of new episodes coming each Monday.

Making The Cut

Amazon Prime Video

Netflix’s Next in Fashion is no competition when it comes to the tried and true Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn method. Making The Cut sees your favourite mentors jump the Project Runway ship in this revamped fashion-competition/reality-show, stepping up the competition and pushing its 12 designers to the limit. If you’ve felt Project Runway has been a bit drab since Tim and Heidi left the work room, you’ll find Making The Cut has all the bones of the show you know and love, but trades amateur designers for creatives with street-cred and egos from all around the world. With $1 million in  prize money up for grabs, it’s time to get to work with all episodes available now.


Amazon Prime Video

We all need a laugh in these weird AF times, so we’ll leave it up to the man who brought us the American version of The Office (it's very important to fans you clarify this point) and Parks & Recreation to guarantee we get a lol. After looking at all the cons to artificial intelligence (cc: Westworld), the flip side of the bitcoin is AI in the right hands will actually benefit mankind. The idea of a digital afterlife has its place in science fiction and was partly looked at in one of the best shows of 2019, Years and Years. Welcome to the first day of the rest of your after-life, where in 2033 you can have your consciousness uploaded to the cloud to continue living in some form or another for all eternity. Nathan is posthumously uploaded after an accident, and after being sold the dream of artificial heaven, finds life isn’t always greener on the other side. Decide for yourself, with episodes coming on May 1

Had too much screentime and keen to give your eyeballs a rest? Bless your ears with five of the best new podcasts.

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