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Get Your Armchair Detective On With This Chilling True Crime Series Coming To Netflix

By Morgan Reardon
30th Jun 2020

An image from Unsolved Mysteries, House of Terror. Xavier Dupont Deligonnes and his son are on the beach.

If you, like us, have devoured every true crime documentary on Netflix then we have some excellent news for your cold, creepy hearts—a chilling docu-series is coming and it’s putting you in the detective’s seat. 

From the producers of Stranger Things comes the reboot of 80s cult classic Unsolved Mysteries.

First premiering in the States back in 1987, the show, which called on viewers to help crack crimes, solved hundreds of the world’s most gruesome cold cases. 

The Netflix reboot has teamed up the shows OG creators, which means the format remains largely the same—trust us, this is a good thing. 

Each ep will focus on a different unsolved mystery from around the world, but rather than end with the case neatly wrapped up, you the viewer will be asked to send in any relevant info to help solve the crime. 

The series will give you a front row seat to the experiences of ordinary people who have lived the unthinkable—from the trauma of a loved one’s unexplained disappearance or horrific death, to the shock of a bizarre paranormal encounter. Alongside detectives and journalists, family members offer clues, present theories, and identify suspects, hoping one viewer holds the key to solving the mystery. 

Cases include, ‘Mystery on the Rooftop’: where the dead body of a newlywed is found in a Baltimore Hotel eight days after he disappeared. ‘House of Terror’: where a French man’s wife is found buried under the porch of their home and ‘Missing Witness’: a chilling case that occurs when a stepdaughter confesses to helping her mother dispose of her stepfather’s body, she suddenly disappears. Yep, it’s eerie as hell.

Scope the haunting trailer below.

There are 12 cases to crack, with the first six dropping on Netflix  on Wednesday 1 July at 5pm AEST in Australia and 7pm in New Zealand.

Image Credit: Netflix

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