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Why You Need To Try The Vietnamese Egg Coffee Trend That’s Taking Over Auckland

By Urban List Writers
11th Nov 2020

Vietnamese Egg Coffee

Let's be honest, who hasn't craved a sweet dessert-like hit for breakfast along with their morning coffee? Now the craze that has taken the US by storm is slowly but surely winning over the hearts and minds of even the most die-hard antipodean coffee stalwarts right here in Aotearoa. Allow us to introduce, the Vietnamese Egg Coffee.

Set to become your new obsession, this morning (or hell, any time of day really) pick-me-up has been variously referred to as “cake in a cup” and “tiramisu minus the biscuit and chocolate”. Borne out of necessity during wartime when dairy was in short supply, the egg coffee is made by whipping egg yolks, condensed milk and sugar with coffee and produces a cup of joe that is sweet, velvety and packed with rich flavour. Beware, addiction highly likely.

As much as we try to explain this mouth-watering delight to you, it’s one you’ll need to try for yourself. We've scoured town to find where you can get your hands on an egg coffee in Auckland.

Café Hanoi


A hot spot in Britomart, Café Hanoi consistently serves up the goods with street-inspired Vietnamese dishes. Along with its deliciously authentic food offerings, you'll sip on your Vietnamese Egg Coffee in style nestled amongst decor which will transport you straight to the streets of Hanoi. 

Luna Cafe (Nee Luna’s Express)


If you’re in need of a quick lunch spot, Luna Cafe serves only the freshest Vietnamese food and all within your lunch break. Looking for the perfect pick me up to go back to work? Order the Vietnamese Egg Coffee of course.

Le Vietnamese Kitchen


With a spacious, dimly lit courtyard, situated in the streets of Ponsonby, Le Vietnamese Kitchen isn't only the place to be when wanting to satisfy your Vietnamese cravings but also a date-night destination. They'll serve you up an authentic Vietnamese Egg coffee to propel you through the night (and potentially into the next day).

Indochine Kitchen


Tucked away on Fort Street is this little Vietnamese eatery that is making waves in Auckland. Indochine Kitchen's specialty is the infamous pork bun cha. But for the real star of the show you'll need to go off menu—their epic Vietnamese egg coffee is available on request.

Honorable Mention: Sen

Mt Eden

Tucked away in Mt Eden, Sen serves up a delicacy of Vietnamese delights. Here you'll find a Vietnamese Coffee on the menu (minus the egg) but if you're really looking to kick things up a notch, their Vietnamese Coffee Martini will see you right. Comprising Vietnamese coffee, vodka enhanced with Kahlua, quick Brown Fox Coffee Cinnamon Liqueur and served in condensed milk drizzled martini glass you might just have to settle in for the night. Tip—head upstairs for an intimate yet modern setting. 

Craving more Vietnamese goodness? Find out who's dishing out the best Vietnamese food in Auckland.

Image credit: Café Hanoi

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