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We Rank Every Bubble Tea Flavour Worth Ranking

By Ellen Seah
21st Nov 2016


There’s no denying, bubble tea makes the world (and, in particular, Auckland) a better place. Originating in Taiwan, you’ll find two main types—fruit-flavoured teas and milk teas. Added to the tea base are chewy tapioca pearls, which give the drink its bubbly characteristic (they’re the best part). We’ve slurped our way through countess cups of bubble tea to bring you a round-up of the worst to best flavours.

#20 Honeydew Milk Tea

This alarmingly pale green drink neither looks nor tastes acceptable.

#19 Watermelon Milk Tea

Because combining dairy products and a juicy, sweet red fruit was never going to end well for anyone.

#18 Strawberry Milk Tea

Sure, if you’d like an extremely expensive, slightly watered down strawberry milkshake.

#17 Mango Milk Tea

Dear Mango Milk Tea: you’re giving Australian mangos a bad name.

#16 Apple Fruit Tea

Kind of like the better version of your grandma’s summer apple tea.

#15 Peach Fruit Tea

Peachy, sweet liquid gold.

#14 Chocolate Milk Tea

Who would ever say no to chocolate?

#13 Lemon Fruity Tea

Think lemon ‘n sugar in liquid form.

#12 Taro Milk Tea

Not only does this come in funky purple, Taro Milk Tea is the perfect creamy, slightly mild sweet summer drink.

#11 Pomegranate Fruity Iced Tea

I scream you scream we all scream for pomegranates!

#10 Earl Grey Milk Tea

The better version of your hot cuppa.

#9 Oolong Milk Tea

A mild, floral drink – Oolong tea is traditionally served without dairy but we’re thanking the milk tea gods for coming up with this combo.

#8 Roasted Milk Tea

With an addictively toasty flavour, Roasted Milk Tea is the underestimated underdog of the milk tea world.

#7 Jasmine Milk Tea

Herbal, flowery and mildly sweet, this Jasmine drink will court any milk tea sceptics.

#6 Strawberry Frozen Ice Tea

The (slightly) healthier version of a slushie, it tastes like drinking iced and pureed strawberries with a good dusting of sugary love.

#5 Mango Green Tea

Mangoes + green tea = genius.

#4 Lychee Green Tea

The only person that doesn’t like lychees is the devil incarnated.

#3 Matcha Milk Tea

Your favourite matcha latte, chilled and sweetened.

#2 Thai Milk Tea

Traditionally made from Ceylon tea, Thai Milk Tea is iced tea’s creamy, dreamy, bolder cousin.

#1 Pearl Milk Tea

The classic can’t be knocked off the throne. Jazz it up with your favourite additions like chewy tapioca balls or fruit jelly. 

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Image Credit: Miner8

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