We Visited The Ice Hotel In Sweden And Here’s What Happened

By Bella Ramdhanie
25th Nov 2017

We Visited The Ice Hotel In Sweden And Here's What Happened

We all have our bucket lists, no matter how organised, or deconstructed and vague they may be, we as humans have some idea about what it is we just must do before we leave this earth. And we’ve found a place so magically wonderful and weird, we think it just might be worthy to add to your list of lifetime must-dos. We’re talking about The Ice Hotel. Yup, that’s right—a hotel made totally and completely out of ice. And, they rebuild it every winter becauase… yeah, it melts. 

We’re here to tell you what the experience was like and why you might consider venturing out to the beautiful destination of Sweden one day to in fact experience it for yourself. Here’s everything we loved and observed during our stay.

#1 You Witness An Undeniable Beauty You Have Never Seen Before 

Okay, so. It’s a hotel made of ice. Clearly, for anyone who chooses to stay here, it’s gonna be a new experience. And it’s pretty much guaranteed to be amazing. On top of this, it remains wonderfully unique due to being reconstructed each year from water out of the Torne river. Located in the village of Jukkasjärvi, it is the world’s first Ice Hotel. The innovative interiors include an ice bar, an ice chapel, the main hall and many “art rooms”. As a guest, expect a guided tour of every beautiful feature, which you’ll find are all more exceptional than the last. Whether it is chandeliers, bricks or huge sculptures, you’ll find yourself being truly amazed by everything this hotel is made up of. Acting as a real-life set from Disney’s Frozen, embrace your inner Elza and gasp and ooh and ah at each crazy thing you see. Because everyone else is.

#2 There Is An Ice Bar Of Exceptional Standards

This bar was and remains to this day, the inspiration for ice-bars worldwide and is truly an experience worth having. Insta-worthiness doesn’t even begin to describe the cocktails served at this joint. Sit back relax (on an ice stool coated with reindeer hide) and sip on a scrummy drink (out of a cocktail glass made of ice, naturally). Do not forget to take a ridic number of pictures to spam everyone you know with for the rest of your life (we sure did).

#3 There Is So Much Room For Activities! 

The list of things to do here is borderline ridiculous. Think of an activity you would want to do in the snow and, yup, you can do it at the Ice Hotel. Feel like taking a dog sled ride? No problem. Snowmobiles? Reindeer? An adventure to see the Northern Lights? Sure. What about a creatively-styled, mouth-wateringly good and award-winning dinner? You got it. You will not be bored at any time here, we promise.

#4 You’ll Have The Most Unique Night Of Your Life

So, you’ve looked around, you’ve feasted your eyes on all there is to see and you’ve literally feasted on too much food and draaaanks (dw, the extra body weight will def keep you warm). Now it’s time to prep for the night ahead. Expect hot choccys in the lounge (this is the part of the accommodation that is not made of ice—guys, there are toilets and saunas here too). Before hitting the sack, we recommend a relaxing sauna to get extra toasty. The lovely Ice Hotel folk will, of course, explain everything you need to know. But, basically you get sleeping bags that would equip someone sleeping in Antarctica (or at least somewhere that is -20 degrees). In our experience, needing to pee in the middle of the night and running through the -5 degree, icy, carefully designed hallways is 100% worth it. Although, perhaaaaps losing the sauna’s caring touch that made you so snug, in a sleepy daze you will truly experience the surreal surroundings that are the Ice Hotel. 

#5 We Now Are The Proud Owners Of A Story Of A Lifetime

Surviving a night of subzero temperatures, makes anyone a champion, a survivor, and thoroughly invincible. Okay, kinda…but it’s pretty cool and you get a certificate to prove your experience and your efforts. Plus, now we get to bring it up again and again, for the rest of our lives *cue our friends rolling their eyes*. And you can’t deny it, if you go to this wondrous palace you are quite seriously by every means of the word, GUARANTEED, piles of unique photographs. Insta-worthy and most definitely, bucket list material.

Image Credit: IceHotel Sweden

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