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Challenge Your Taste Buds With 6 Weird And Wonderful Foods You Need To Explore

By Liam Sharma
28th Aug 2020

Red Brussels Sprouts looking oh so tempting in a pan.

The current climate has us all spending more time than usual in our homes, so of course, online shopping is essential to get by. Though it's important to live within our means we're excited about all the learning to be had now that online shopping is our new career—so we've given ourselves a well-deserved, early promotion.

We’re a lucky bunch us Kiwis, all our needs are just a click away—from fresh produce, essential carby goodness and delectable cheese to the even more essential booze delivered directly to our doorstep overnight—lockdown may be emotionally draining and slowly but surely killing the social piranha we let out at weekends, but we can’t complain about how easy it is to get by.

This lockdown we’ve been busy expanding our culinary horizons and have created a list of interesting foods that are a mandatory lockdown trial. You’ve literally got nothing to lose and everything to gain—who knows, you might find your next food obsession.

Welcome to six weird and wonderful foods you need to try, stat.

Red Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts are extremely controversial. We love ours soaked in oil and slathered in salt. We're a firm believer that a pop of colour makes anything taste better. For the brussels sprouts haters, and there are many, why not give this red brussels sprouts strain a whirl? Don’t forget the copious amounts of oil and salt.

Delicious Kewpie Wasabi Mayo sits artfully arranged.Kewpie Wasabi Mayo

Who doesn’t love mayo? We could drench mayo on literally anything, in desperate times we’ve caught ourselves drizzling it on toast for breakfast. Kewpie Japanese Mayo is the créme de la créme of the mayonnaise world and the wasabi edition gives any dish the right amount of kick. The dream dipping sauce for sushi, tempura and in salads, give it a go on toast too if you disrespect yourself enough.

Black rice breakfast porridge in a bowl artfully arranged.Black Rice Breakfast Porridge

Porridge, anyone? Porridge is sentimental, it reminds us of our grandma and the good old days when we used to drown her homemade, piping hot porridge with brown sugar. Porridge is an iconic Kiwi breakfast and it’s packed with all the essential nutrients needed to kickstart the day. Black rice porridge is high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, it’s actually a deep purple colour, and the mild nutty and sweet flavour is a pleasant change of scenery.

Green Spirulina dumplings surrounded by chopsticks and soy sauceGreen Spirulina Dumplings

Vegans, this one's for you. Spirulina in a dumpling might sound unusual but it’s actually a tender surprise just waiting to happen. The Baolicious Green Spriulina Dumplings burst in your mouth to reveal a juicy, moreish filling. Boiled or fried, these are truly weird and wonderful and won't disappoint.

Doris Plum and Five Spice Chutney sitting on a plate with cheese, olives and rosemary. Yum.Doris Plum And Five-Spice Chutney

We don't mind admitting we're chutney connoisseurs—we’ve pretty much devoted our lives to uncovering the latest and greatest chutney condiments. This indulgent sweet and warming spiced chutney is a bloody good time, the perfect concoction of flavours using Hawkes Bay Black Doris plums and aromatic Chinese five-spice.

Jarritos Mexican soda sits on a table surrounded by luscious lemonsJarritos Mexican Soda

All praise Mexico. Jarritos is the national soft drink of Mexico and it’s a fizzing sensation. The high-quality, natural beverage is impossible to find in supermarkets and rarely on the menu at your favourite restaurants. We used to specifically go to Mexico Takapuna just to guzzle a tall, cold glass of Guava Mexican Jarritos so we're ecstatic to finally find an online distributor. Pure sugar-high bliss.

All recommendations are available online via Service Foods Home. Service Foods Home is an online supermarket with overnight delivery to most of Auckland.

About Liam

Liam Sharma is an Auckland-based freelance writer, he's a connoisseur of many crafts but his true talent lies in doing the bare minimum and expecting the highest return. To get in touch with Liam, reach him here.

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Image credit: Ophelia King

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