Start Drooling, A New Hole In The Wall Waffle Spot La Belle Waffle Has Just Opened In Wellington

By Thea Fauvel
25th Oct 2019

A waffle is something we just can’t say no to and here in Wellington, we’re no stranger to great waffles. We’re sorry to do it to you but we’ve got another must-try to add to your to-eat list. 

La Belle Waffle is the new kid on the block, a bright yellow hole in the wall and a little ray of sunshine in the middle of the city. You’ll find the Belgian style waffles being served up in Dukes Arcade by owner Nicholas, who is Belgian himself so he knows the real deal. Take the fact that they have sold out several times since opening as positive proof of his waff skills.

They’re freshly hot pressed (or served cold if that's your vibe) and topped with classic flavours such as cinnamon, chocolate stick centres or chocolate-dipped (in dark or milk chocolate Whittakers we might add). 

They offer next-level game-changers too with a number of fruit-topped options or if you want to get really traditional try the Deluxe Totale Belge. It’s smeared with Speculoos spread—a spiced Belgian cookie spread—think gingerbready, brown sugar, caramelised and Christmas spice flavours. We can’t describe it, you just need to try it. Plus they top it with home-made Belgian truffles that are Grandma’s secret recipe (Yes, his actual grandma’s recipe).

We’ve learnt it’s the sugar they use that makes their waffles so damn good. Chunks of pearl sugar crystals are mixed through the batter so when they meet the hot waffle iron they’re melted and cooked into the crust of the waffle giving you that amazing caramelised sugar crunch. Big Yes. 

Not feeling like a sweet treat? They’ve got you covered for lunch (or heck, breakfast too). Yep, that’s a savoury waffle and we’re digging it. The Caprese (with fresh mozz, tomato, basil pesto and lettuce) has our name all over it. Wash it all down with a cup of their single-origin filter coffee or a Belgian hot choccy and you’re good to go. 

Hot waffles, cold waffles, savoury waffle sandwiches... This sweet spot does it all and won’t break the bank, plus it’s the perfect not-too-messy snack on the go. Did we mention they offer half-dozen assorted share boxes? You can thank us later.

The details

What: La Belle Waffle
Where: Shop 6, Dukes Arcade, 105 Willis Street, Wellington
When: Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm 

Image credit: Thea Fauvel, La Belle Waffle

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